Why a Chicken Diary?

In Chicken husbandry on April 27, 2011 at 1:05 pm

Hi!  I just got three little chickens and I want to share the adventure with other animal lovers.  Who knew these little puff balls could have so much personality and be so fun?  I live in a small neighborhood and have a backyard with a picket fence.  For the moment, my girls are living in a rabbit cage on my screened porch but within a month we should have our coop finished and my little peckers should be roaming the fruited plains of my estate.  Some of the references in my posts might be obscure to the general audience because these originated as emails to my neighbors and family.  You’ll get the general idea of the day-to-day development of my little ladies and my hope is to make you smile, educate you a bit and perhaps inspire some of you to follow me and get some backyard chickens of your very own.  I’m a first time blogger and first time chicken owner so my mistakes will be glaring and hopefully hilarious.  I welcome any critique of my spelling and grammar!  Bring it on, please!  Thanks for reading this and please forward to anyone who might find this amusing.

Your host,

Deb the Chicken Chick

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