In Chicken husbandry on April 28, 2011 at 2:17 pm

April 27th

The girls looked fat and sassy this morning when I checked on them and cleaned out their waterer.  As I was rinsing it out in the kitchen sink I saw a shiny black spider the size of a dime run across the counter (my house is clean, I swear!).  I picked her up with the edge of a coffee cup and took her to the chicken cage of death.  I dropped her in and (you guessed it) Violet pounced on the poor creature chomping her in her tiny black beak.  The other two girls chased her around a bit in excited pursuit but alas, little Charlotte will never make another web.  I’m going to start calling Violet “Stephen Squawking” because she is super intelligent! (the jokes will get worse)

Later I found a little wildflower that looked like a purple pom pom and I put it in the girl’s cage.  They immediately froze and surrounded the object like I had just thrown a severed head in their midst.  Violet (who else?) was sent in to inspect the package.  After a few tentative pecks, she determined that it was not dangerous and began to tear it to shreds with her beak.  Daisy soon joined in and they made short work of it. Rosie sat on the sidelines and watched in horror. 

She abhors violence.

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  2. Somehow I think I’d draw the line at catching spiders. ICK! 🙂

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