New Tricks

In Chicken husbandry on April 29, 2011 at 11:37 am

April 28th

The girls are doing something new.  Every time I go out to their cage, I bend down and talk to them in an excited voice.  Each chick runs around in a little circle, gets some traction and jumps on the perch.  Violet of course is the expert.  She hops up and holds on tight with her little talons.  Rosie makes a few attempts often banging her little noggin into the perch before she makes it and Daisy just tries really, really hard.  She gets up on the perch about one in ten tries–God love her.  They sit up there saying “Look what I can do!” and then they jump down and do it again. 

Jim says that I just make them nervous and their activity is an “escape” response, but I know they’re showing off for me.  This afternoon when I sat down in front of the cage and opened the door, Violet flew out and landed on my knee.  She then used my other protruding body parts (there are many) to climb up to my shoulder where she proceeded to peck at my earring again.  After she tired of that game, she flew to the top of the cage and trotted around dropping a little “present” on her sister Daisy’s back. (I wiped it off)  I put my hand on the top of the cage and she used my arm as a bridge to walk back to my shoulder, down to my knee and then she flew back into the open cage door.  But not before she paused a moment and bestowed a warm flowing gift on my arm.  I love that bird.

  1. Hmmm…… maybe you could invent tiny DoodieDiapers and make your fortune!

  2. Ahh, the joys of motherhood!!

  3. Funny you should mention “doodie diapers” They actually do make them for chickens. I kid you not!
    My girls will NOT be wearing them. Too humiliating!

  4. Hey Deb?? Do you know what that white stuff is in chicken poop??
    Chicken poop!
    Loving your ChickenDiary. ❤

    • Karin, who knew you were such a lover of science! Glad you like my chickendiary. I wish you could see my girls in person. You would fall madly in love!

  5. Chickens and ducks are both cuties, but both poopers extraordinaire..The ducks didn’t make it at my house. When I stepped out the door and duckpoop squeezed between my toes, it was gameover!! They now live on Talawah Road with Monty & Barbara!

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