Flying Lessons

In Chicken husbandry on May 4, 2011 at 12:52 pm

May 3rd

It’s fun to finally have animals who like the Mama more than the Daddy.  Even my own kid liked (and likes) her Dad more than the “Mommymonster”.  My chicks, not so.  They don’t give two hoots (or is it peeps) for Jim.  When I walk up to the cage and say how pretty my little chickens are, they all come to the door and bob their heads in my direction.  Each bird flies out in order (Violet, Rosie then Daisy) and land on my knee as a starting point for their flight exercises. Even Daisy is making her way to me without bonking her head numerous times on the cage door.  I put a towel on top of their cage so they can take a small flight to the top and walk around on it without dropping their feet through the bars.  They march around on their cage for a while and then take flying leaps off and land on the porch.  Most of the time, Violet leads the team on a reconnaissance mission to find anything edible.  Today she found a small spider and led her sisters on a wild chase. 

She dropped the spider and he took cover between the slats of the floor.  Undaunted, she searched until she found one of her own feathers.  She and her sisters pecked at it until they got bored and went over to where Buster was sitting thinking his bunny thoughts.  (His brain is the size of a pecan so his thoughts aren’t too profound)  He then did something he has never done before.  He noticed them and chased them a few feet around the porch. 

When the excitement was over they each hopped back in their cage and drank some water.  I’m not sure what he would have done if he “caught” one.  He’s an herbivore so he has no interest in having a chicken dinner.  Maybe he just thought they needed chasin’!

  1. I love my chicken neighbors!

  2. Can’t wait to meet them!

  3. you have passed me bigtime in nuttiness!!! i do love you….cathy

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