Happy Mother’s Day!

In Chicken husbandry on May 8, 2011 at 3:51 pm

May 8th

I have been severely reprimanded for neglecting my Chickendairy, (thanks Beth!) but I do have a good excuse.  Jim and I went home (Mississippi) to see my parents for Mother’s Day Weekend.  I’m back now and very happy to see my little girls have grown while I was gone.  I have not one, but two capable animal sitters when I leave town.  One is my awesome backyard neighbor Terri, who has been taking excellent care of my bunny Buster and my kitties for almost four years.  She politely declined to be the chicken mommy while I was gone but she does have a good reason.  My sweet friend is afraid she’ll get too attached to them and won’t be able to eat chicken anymore!  I totally understand her feelings.  She is a tender-hearted, kind woman and I’m sure she wouldn’t be able to eat nuggets without seeing the faces of Violet, Rosie & Daisy floating before her eyes. 

I however am not so afflicted.  I enjoyed a great chicken meal this weekend at my mom’s house.  I brought the bird from home and cooked it for a family gathering. (Pastured, free-range, organic and certified humanely-raised, thank you very much!) 

My chicken wrangler is my friend and neighbor, Tama who is an animal lover and a doggie/horsey girl.  (Not referring to her appearance, you understand, she’s a lovely woman)  When I asked her to come to my house for a chicken-care briefing she actually brought a clipboard for taking notes!  Is that great or what?  She did a fabulous job and was only pooped upon one time (Daisy).  The girls report that Tama is a chicken-sitter extraordinaire and have requested her services each time we leave town.  They are not quite so smitten with her very tall husband, Dennis however.  And they really hate his red jacket!  I will assure the girls that although this man is freakishly tall (his description, not mine) he has a soft, creamy center and is as gentle as a kitten.  Maybe they are just used to more vertically challenged men. (Jim is tall in character!)

I am blessed to be “mom” to one human child (Hannah, my card has not arrived!) and eight animal children.  I want to give a shout out to the “Pegster”, the greatest mom in the cosmos!  Hope I wasn’t too much trouble!  (Who are we kidding?) Happy Mother’s Day to all!

  1. Happy Mother’s Day to you dear Auntie! 🙂

  2. Right back at ya!

  3. Chickendiary makes my day!

  4. Nothin’ like a little chicken to keep you tickin’! Hi Renee!!!!! Hug the Pegster for me every time you see her please! I got a grad announcement from Rachel. Lord have mercy that child is purty!

  5. Great Blog

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