Driving Miss Daisy…Home

In Chicken husbandry on May 19, 2011 at 6:56 pm

May 19th

Yes, my little yellow girl is home.  Here’s the 411.  I called the vet at 7:00 am and was informed that Miss Daisy made it through the night and was eating and drinking, although she was still very weak and could not stand on her own.  The doctor said she’d like to keep her until noon and if she showed signs of improvement I could take her home.  I arrived at noon and Dr. Glasscock (what perfect irony!) was holding Daisy and showing me how she was gripping her finger with her toes. (a good sign).   I highly recommend the Goodwin Animal Hospital and the lovely Dr. Lydia Glasscock for all your chicken emergency needs. 

 She sent us home with an oral antibiotic and an ointment to apply twice daily to her boo boos.  I set up her hospital bed next to her sisters’ cage.  I am using the Roger Hamster Memorial Cage for a temporary recovery center.  Roger (R.I.P) would be pleased at his contribution to the healing arts.  I made a little valley in a bunched up towel and placed Daisy in the center, facing Rosie and Violet.  She can smell, see and hear her sisters, but they can’t harass her while she’s still healing.


I held a little bowl of food and water up to her beak and she ate and drank a bit and then promptly fell asleep. It’s been a rough two days for this little chicken.  I check on her about every twenty minutes because she topples over often when she tries to use her legs.  The Doc said it would be a couple of days before she can walk normally. During Daisy’s overnight stay she received subcutaneous fluids, antibiotic drops, a steroid shot, pain medication, sedation, wound treatment, one stitch and very tender care by the devoted staff. 

While I was there I met a little potbellied pig being treated for some ailment.  I didn’t ask because of patient confidentiality.  It would have been rude.  The staff had been singing Old MacDonald Had a Farm right before I arrived.  They said they just needed a goat to complete the menagerie.  I was singing Eee-I, Eee-I OWE as I paid the vet bill.  Jim had predicted a total of $100.  I guessed $300.  I was closer.  She’s worth it to me. (You’ll have to ask Jim if he feels the same)  I’m glad to have her home and feel lucky that I have a supportive hubby who has a good job to pay for chicken repairs.  Daisy is up for visitors but no rough housing!  Come on by and say howdy if you’d like to take a look at a $271.17 chicken.  We paid $1.75 for her at The Feed Lot (she was marked down from $2.50) so that’s a 15,385% increase in her value!  Jim says she’d better lay golden eggs! Thanks for all the response I got from yesterday’s post.  Who knew a little yellow ball of fluff could generate such concern and compassion.  I have very kind friends.  Thank you from me and from Daisy the Wonder Chicken.

  1. Yahoo for Daisy! As I sat and CACKLED at your writings, my co-workers wanted to know what was so funny – my answer “The Chicken Diaries” did not satisfy them, so I shared. We were all laughing when the Preacher emerged from his office and asked (I promise) “What’s this Hen Party all about?” We are still recovering.

  2. Oh you’re good! “cackle, hen-party!” I’m having a much better day than yesterday. So glad I made you laugh. So glad we have something to laugh about!

  3. i will bring my pigs to the hen party and we will celebrate Daisy the Wonderchicken!! so happy that you and your chicks are having a better day, chickmommy 🙂

  4. I hate cats as a whole species; I like them in pieces. Please don’t tell PETA.

    • I hope PETA is not monitoring this blog!!! I won’t say a word. I actually love cats. I am not especially fond of the one who hurt Daisy, but I really can’t put the blame on the cat. Feral cats have to live by their wits and if a chicken owner is stupid enough to put her chicks outdoors in an apparently non-secure cage then she gets what she deserves. You can bet if I see that cat in my yard again though I won’t be serving him Fancy Feast!

  5. Peep Peep Hooray!!

  6. I just joined your blog today and didnt expect to read such drama. Hope you little Daisey makes a speedy recovery. I am enjoying your blog.

    • Thanks Deb. I never expected these chickens to take over my life. They are weird and wonderful. I’m sure you have room in your backyard for 2 or 3! Thanks for reading. I’ll update the blog tomorrow with news of Daisy’s recovery. It is high drama indeed.

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    It’ll throw you to your Media Library with the pic you just uploaded at the top. Click on either the image or the file name. At the bottom, there’s a box labeled File URL. If you copy that and paste it in your next entry, we can all click to see the image. 🙂 Also, depending on how much of the thinking you have WordPress doing for you, it may automagically display the image if you paste the URL in your entry.

    • Thank you so much my smart cousin! Even with these instructions I am sure I will struggle to get the the pics up this weekend. Jim will give me a hand as SOON AS THE COOP IS FINISHED!!! Poor guy, he has a lot on his plate. How do you type that “whip” sound? Kuh CHHHHHAAA

  8. Thank goodness!!!! I didn’t know if I could open todays entry or not. I’m so glad she’s gonna be OK! Whew!

    • Daisy is so lucky to have folks all over the country who care about her. Wish you and Charles could visit and meet the girls in person.

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