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In Chicken husbandry on May 20, 2011 at 6:22 pm

May 20th

Daisy is very glad to be home.  Last evening we were all sitting in the back yard with Rosie and Violet pecking around our feet, while Daisy sat in her little recovery bed on the porch. We were outside for about 10 minutes when she got lonely and started chirping loudly.  We moved her bed to one of the chairs and she happily sat in the warm evening air with her parents and sisters. 

Occasionally Rosie or Violet would jump up on the chair to say hi and then they jumped back down to play in the grass. 

Daisy has to have small towels bunched around her on four sides because she isn’t able to sit upright just yet.  We put a small bowl of food and water in front of her beak several times daily so she stays full and hydrated.  Once in a while she’ll feel like trying to walk and she’ll hoist herself over one of the towels and plop head first into the box. We rescue her often and she seems to be getting a little more balance as time passes.  I got up twice in the night to check on her and she was sleeping soundly wedged comfortably in her “nest”.  This morning we had to give her a little syringe of antibiotic fluid and put some ointment on her two wounds.  Sammy one of our eight month old kittens looked on with great concern…and maybe a little hunger.

She took her medicine like a trooper and then we gave her food and water and she was ready for her nap. 

I had to go to work for three hours this morning (my job is so grueling, I actually have to work two whole days a week!) so Daisy had a babysitter while I was gone.  My daughter’s good friend Rachel is visiting us during her college break so she kept Daisy upright and full while I was away.

When I got home from work I walked around the house with her for a while and then made her a bed on the couch while I ate lunch and we watched House. Daisy and I both think Hugh Laurie is DA BOMB!  There was some leftover blueberry pie in the fridge so I had a small slice…OK I had a big slice.  Anyway, Daisy was watching me eat intensely so I put a little bit of blueberry filling on my finger (about the size of a pencil eraser) and stuck it under her beak.  Chickens LIKE blueberry pie!!!  The girl went to town on it.  She has a big blue stain on her beak but I’m not gonna wash it off because it looks really cute.  I’m pretty sure pie is not a recommended chicken staple but I’m going to give her a bit more tomorrow because my girl likes it so much.  So since we’re spending so much time together we’re learning that we have lots in common.  We both love House and pie.  She’s a groovy little chick and I hope she thinks the same of me.

  1. Photos!!!!!please.

  2. I need help! I’m technologically impared!!! Get down here and help your dumb cousin put pix of the chix on my blog!!!

  3. I misspelled impaired. I need so much help.

  4. Bet she looks like a bird smurf! I need to come see them. I’ll call first. Love your blog.

  5. Smurfette and all of Daisy’s eggs will need therapy you know.

  6. How could I forget Smurfette??? Actually Rosie is gonna lay blue eggs. Maybe a smurf will hatch outta one of them!

  7. Awwwe! It sounds like the Campbell house when we were growing up….fun!

    • Did you have chickens as pets, or were they mostly just barn yard critters? Daddy has 20 Rhode Island Reds right now. He’s going thru his 2nd (actually 3rd or 4th) childhood. 🙂

  8. Congrats on the photos. 😉

  9. Sometimes even old dogs can learn new tricks! Thanks again for your help.

  10. Thanks for the pictures. Now I can put a beak to the names.

  11. You must come down and meet them in person. 🙂

  12. Ohhh, so sorry about ms Daisy’s run-in with the feral cat. I just read the mail, but I’m glad that I had not read for awhile, since I immediatelly had news that she is eating (blueberry pie) and healing just fine. You are one fine animal lover….glad we are related.;)

  13. Not as glad as I am.
    Love you both so much.

  14. so glad that Daisy is recuperating from the cat attack! i did NOT expect to read about a heinous chicken emergency this morning. this whole experience merits its own chapter in your chicken memoir. here’s to the healing power of pie.

    • Yes Margaret, pie is a magical elixer. Sorry to upset you with the shocking episode. Daisy is recoverying quite nicely. Today she moved back into the bunny cage with her sisters and she trilled a little tune when she sat down beside them. They are being kind and gentle with her. Violet is still not sharing her bugs but soon Daisy may be well enough to take them from her!

  15. Hope Daisey is doing better today. Want to visit soon,how about next week sometime. Maybe I can have a collection of yummy crawling treats for her.

    • Daisy would love a visit and she would be most grateful for any crawling treat. I’ll hold Violet back while you give them to her!

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