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May 22nd

We started out day like we have for the past three days…giving Daisy her antibiotic.  I hold her and Jim parts her beak and squirts in ½ CC of yukky stuff.  This morning after taking her medicine like a big girl, she made a loud angry SQUAWK!  We don’t speak chicken but we’re pretty sure it was a four letter word.  After her medicine I like to put her in my lap on a pillow while we’re still in bed reading and drinking coffee. 

She sits quietly and coos and I stroke her little yellow head.  Jim emerged from the bathroom and saw our happy little scene and said, “You’re coddling that bird.”  My reply–DAMN STRAIGHT I’M CODDLING HER!  I ALMOST GOT HER KILLED! Poor Jim, he almost spilled his coffee.  Later on in the day we got to work on the coop.  No, it isn’t finished but it’s coming along beautifully and I don’t dare criticize Jim’s timeline because I need his labor and his tools! 

My job was to prime the structure before he begins to put on the roof, walls and doors.  I was doing a fabulous job; or so I thought.  After Jim made several comments on my priming skills, I calmly handed him the brush and went inside to do “woman’s work”.   And apparently I can’t drive or cook either.  I wonder why he keeps me around.  He says its “sunk costs” but I know it’s because I clean the litter boxes.  While I was hosing chicken poop off the porch, washing old towels covered in chicken poop (Daisy’s hospital bed cushions) and cleaning out the bunny cage, also encrusted with–you guessed it, the ladies were in the shade covered by the top of the cage.  I piled firewood all around the sides and top.  Maybe a lion could get my girls, but that feral cat would need a crowbar to break in.  Today was the first day Daisy was back with her sisters.  Rosie and Violet are being kind and gentle. 

Daisy can now eat without help. 

We have been holding her bowl under her beak but since yesterday she can hobble to the bowls by herself.  She can walk short distances but she falls down a lot and gets very tired. 

It’s a little sad to watch but she makes improvements every day.  She’s a great little trooper.  It’s a beautiful day here in Montgomery.  The sun is shining, my porch is clean and my little chicken is on the mend.  Life is good.  Hope yours is too.

  1. Beginning with the “babies”, poop duty begins with the woman. Really sucks!!!!! Men are such wimps!

  2. Actually Jim was pretty good with “poop duty” for our human child. Not so much with the furry, feathered and fluffy ones. 🙂
    He has other qualities.

  3. When I am old (Kitty would question whether we are already old) I request that the two of you take care of us. I know the two of are great caregivers.

    Thank you for making our day by providing your pictures and a running commentary on how to care for the chicks.

    • Morgan it would be my pleasure but there is just one problem…you and Miss Kitty will never get old. 🙂
      Thanks for the kind words. Come visit the ladies and bring an assortment of grandchildren.

  4. Love the photos. Your uncle is looking at them on his new iPad. Good birthday gift from great daughte

    • Sounds like a great birthday gift! Hope his day was great. I recently added lots of new pictures to some of the earlier posts too. Cute baby pictures. Go to the Archives and click on April and then May to see them all.
      Love you guys!

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