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May 26, 2011

I have neglected my middle child.  I wrote a separate post just for Violet because I was/am enamored with her intelligence and forceful personality.  I’ve been writing extensively about Daisy for obvious reasons (she’s doing just fine today).  Now I’ll spend a little time telling you about my other little “flower”.  Rosie as an Ameraucana.  This breed was imported from South America in the 1970s as the “Araucana” and was developed into the breed we see today. The mature bird will be mid-sized (about 6 pounds) and she is supposed to be friendly and calm.  Rosie will be the “showgirl” of my three chicks.  Her feathers are multi-colored and variegated.  She has huge round, ringed eyes and GREEN FEET!  As she grows she will develop little “mutton chops” that poof out of her cheeks.  She has a different kind of sound than a regular chicken.  Already her “songs” sound more like the birds at my feeder than the bwawk, bwawk, cluck, bwawk of a barnyard hen.  Finally and most fun–she will lay blue, green and pink eggs.  These birds are nicknamed “Easter Eggers” in the chicken world. I have probably taken more pictures of Rosie because she is so unusual looking.  Her baby pictures were the most adorable! 

My friend Mike picked her as his favorite because she was such a cutie.

Recently she has gone through an “awkward” phase. 

 She is the last to lose her baby down so she has a mess of down and pin feathers that make her look a little like Animal from the Muppet Show.  She also has this “ostrich thing” going on.  Her neck is super long and she stretches it out as much as she can when she checks stuff out. OK, I guess she’s STILL going through her awkward phase.

Her personality is more “chicken-like” than her sisters.  She actually IS chicken.  She’s afraid of everything and she usually doesn’t get too far from her protector Violet. 

Daisy makes a good pal, however when Violet is busy planning world domination.

She is the hardest to catch and the most unhappy to be held.  Currently we are undergoing a series of therapy sessions which might mitigate this problem.  She is an unwilling patient.  To get Rosie in the cage for the night has been difficult, but I have devised an evil plan that has worked well for the past three nights.  First, I put Daisy in the cage.  She is easy to catch because she still can’t run very well  😦 .  Then I catch Violet because she likes me and thinks we’re going to play “fly off the mommy’s shoulder”–PSYCH!  Then, when Rosie looks around and can’t find her sisters she flees up the porch steps and flings herself against the cage to get in.  I sneak up behind her and scoop her up.  I know this is mean but it’s also really funny to watch.  Please don’t call the authorities.

  1. Poor Middle child syndrome!!

  2. Love the pictures…

  3. Thanks! I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks. This OLD DOG never thought she could figure this out. My Geek cousin (Hi, Regan!) and Jim showed tireless patience in learnin’ me how to do it.

  4. The Poultry Po-Po is watching you!

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