How Daisy Got Her Groove Back

In Chicken husbandry on May 28, 2011 at 1:51 am

May 28th

Today was Daisy’s checkup at the Vet and Dr. Glasscock proclaimed her an amazing chicken! 

She said my little bird was almost completely healed and she looked strong and healthy.  I have to bring her back next week to remove her stitches.  They are disolveable, but the doc thinks that they will start to pester Daisy before they disintegrate.  We were a big hit in the waiting room.  Lots of kids and grown-ups were excited to see a chicken in a box that wasn’t in pieces and covered in breading!  Daisy let everyone pet her and she made some cute chicken noises for everyone’s entertainment.  Two little boys were fascinated with her and asked me a million questions.  When they found out that she was going to lay eggs in a few months they wanted to know if we were going to hatch babies.  I explained that we wouldn’t have any chicks because we didn’t have a rooster.  Then the other kids asked “Why do need a rooster to make babies?”  I said, “Because the eggs aren’t fertilized unless you have a rooster so there won’t be any babies inside.”  Just then their mom came from the back and the kids left.  I bet that was an interesting ride home.

So now all is well in Chickenland.  The coop will be ready for inspection by Saturday night and if the girls approve of the construction they will spend their first night outside in the backyard in their new home. 

Buster thinks he might want to do some sleepovers with them too.  He’s always thought it was silly for bunnies to sleep in the laundry room.  It’s just not manly.

  1. You warped their little minds!!!!

  2. I’m sure that’s exactly what Hannah would say I did to her. 🙂

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