Chicken Nuggets

In Chicken husbandry on June 6, 2011 at 2:25 pm

June 6th

No theme today.  Just an excuse to throw out some nuggets of chicken wisdom you might be interested in, and I have some nice pictures to share.  Did you know chickens take dust baths?  Besides being fun, it’s essential for their health.  They like to wallow (“waller” as we say in South Miss) in sandy soil.  They make these little dirt pits themselves or you can make one for them in your yard or in a sandbox.  The dust clogs the breathing pores of parasites that prey on chickens.  After they get as far down in the dirt as possible, they shake themselves off and start preening. Violet and Rosie found an area near my grill where I’ve been trying to grow grass for about 3 months.  Oh well.  So much for that! 

They were so cute digging and rolling around in the dirt.  Daisy was otherwise occupied chasing a leaf.  Oh and I keep forgetting to mention Daisy’s health.  She is fully recovered. 

Nice Drumsticks!

She runs, flies and plays with her sisters and except for being slightly smaller than them, she seems to have suffered no ill effects of her horrible ordeal.  Way to go my little yellow fluffball!  My eldest chick was visiting this weekend and she enjoyed walking around the yard with one of her new sisters.

We found a simple way to provide a constant spot of shade inside the coop and keep the water shaded all day so it doesn’t get hot.  Jim cut out a square of plywood and we put it on the east side in the morning and switch it to the west side in the afternoon. 

 He was  thinking of building some shade panels for the end of the coop which would involve more sweltering hours in the garage with saws, hammers and paintbrushes, but I suggested just making the plywood square and moving it once a day.  Sometimes it pays to have a simple brain!  It took him 15 minutes to measure, cut and prime it.  Here are some more pictures of the girls as they continue to grow.

Please stop by and visit.  We had some fun with a few of our neighbors this weekend who just popped in to meet the girls.  One lucky friend (Hi Skeeter!) got in on some peach cobbler.  She’s a beautiful, slender gal who really doesn’t look like she can put away second helpings, but she did!  That’s my kind of chick.

  1. I love your chicken “saga” and follow your posts. Here’s a chicken nugget for you. Did you know chickens can be hypnotized? We practically lived in barns for years showing cattle and an elderly man who ran a petting farm at the fairs taught my boys how to “hypnotize” chickens. They had a blast, but being heatherns, they used their ability to make bets with people as a money making scheme! I had completely forgot about it until reading your post this morning. Thanks for the trip down memory lane and keep posting!LOL

    • I need details on the chicken hypno trick! Before this adventure, my knowledge of chickens consisted of what temp to cook them on.

  2. Hannah looks terrific!

    Every time I chuckle around here someone says “must be the chicken email again”.

    570 children here today for VBS.. Controlled madness!!

  3. i was very lucky…yum yum 😉

  4. What lucky …chickens . An added automatic awning, a personal dust spa, and multispecies playmates…ahhh, to be a Burlingame Chicken!

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