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In Chicken husbandry on June 14, 2011 at 12:43 pm

June 14th

It’s been a few days since the last chickendiary.  Sorry, I’ll try not to deprive my readers so long in the future. In truth, chicken life has been pretty quiet and routine after the drama of babyhood, Daisy’s encounter with the evil kitty and the two-week coup-building extravaganza.  Basically between now and the first egg there may be few bombshells and unveilings to write about.  Let’s hope that their daily antics will be enough to keep us all on the edge of our seats. 

The girls’ day begins around 5:30 when mommy trudges out into the dewy grass in her robe and slippers to let down the trap door and replenish food and water.  They take their sweet time coming down stairs and usually by the time I’m finished making coffee, they’re all pecking and clucking in the grass. (Yes, they all cluck now, I kinda miss the baby “peep, peep” sound).  Later in the day I come out to turn on their fan and mist the inside of the coop. I don’t know if “misting” them actually helps them keep cool, or if they even like it, but if it’s good enough for the tourists at Disney World, It’s good enough for my chickens. I also refill their container with ice water for the lovely 95+ degree Alabama days. Usually once a day I let them out to run around while I mow the yard, work in the garden, or float in the kiddie pool trying to tan my hide (I have a terrible farmer’s tan going on right now). 

They come out to free-range a second time after Jim returns from the trenches (Maxwell AFB) and we retire to the backyard with a book and a libation.  The evening cools off considerably and the girls frolic in the yard only occasionally being terrorized by Rowdy & Sam.  Buster follows them around and our two old lady cats look off in the distance and try to remember when they actually wanted to chase a chicken.

Usually in the evening they get their scrap snack.  Today’s menu includes over-the-hill grapes, celery stick ends, some carrot skins and watermelon rind, (I leave lots of the red on).  We are still trying to train the girls to come with the “shake, shake”, scary red coffee can.  So far it’s a no-go.  Yesterday our neighbor Michael brought his strawberry-headed twins over to see the chickens.  Jim caught Daisy and Tristan petted her gently.

Tristan, Daisy & Jim

Sophie wasn’t so sure about this whole chicken-petting thing.

Michael, Sophie, Daisy & Jim

The toddlers “chased” the girls a bit but they soon tired of that when they saw a brown, lop-eared bunny hiding under the grill. 

Here are some recent pictures that have absolutely nothing to do with this post.  Enjoy.

  1. Are the chicks getting better at going up the stairs at night?

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