Perfection is Boring

In Chicken husbandry on June 25, 2011 at 3:57 pm

June 26th

Up to this point I’ve made a bit of fun concerning Rosie’s crazy appearance.  She has asked me to point out that Violet & Daisy ain’t ALL THAT!  Despite her “Alpha Chick” persona, Violet has a certain flaw that she has been keeping from her fans.  An “Achilles Heel” if you will.  OK, an Achilles toe.  Yes, Violet has a deformed digit.  I told her that it builds character to admit your weakness and strive to overcome them but she is pretty hacked off at me for exposing her one imperfection.  You may want to avert your eyes…

OK, it looks weird, but the chicken books say that sometimes chicks hatch with backwards toes and that they can be straightened if splinted immediately after coming out of the egg.  Since we got our girls at one week old, Violet’s toe was set in stone.  The experts say it doesn’t hurt and shouldn’t impede their “chicken-ness” in any way.  We didn’t even notice it until a few days after she came home with us. By then we were already aware that Violet was destined for greatness so we never worried about it.  She is however, very sensitive, so please don’t stare if you visit.

Rosie to Violet, "And mom says I look crazy?"

On to Daisy–She walks funny.  If you’d like to see an example of her gait please enjoy this U-Tube video.

We’re not sure if this is her natural style or if this is a result of her unfortunate encounter with the feral cat (Near Tragedy, May 18th).  We think it’s charming and we try to keep Violet from making fun of her.  Daisy also has a lazy eye. 

Alas, this is an effect of the cat attack.  One of her eyes looks sleepy ever since she came home from the vet.  We know she can see out of it, (we’ve done experiments) but it just doesn’t open all the way.  I think it makes her look sexy.  Rosie taunts her “Lazy Dazy, Lazy Dazy!”

Daisy being lazy

 but again, these things build character.  And these girls are definitely characters!


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