Bye Bye Babyhood

In Chicken husbandry on June 27, 2011 at 3:03 pm

June 27th 

The girls are growing fast now.  They actually have the “chicken look”.  No more long necks and gangly legs and mottled down feathers.  Before they completely leave their chickhood behind, I wanted to share some pictures that I haven’t had an excuse to post.  A rather lame reason to make an entry I know, but some of these are pretty cute.  I hope you enjoy.

Little Daisy

Rowdy stalking

Bigger Daisy

Preening before bedtime


Violet the Alpha chick

Rosie the Riveting!

Cuteness on two drumsticks!

Watermelon on a hot day

Daisy Scratching an Itch

After posting these pictures I notice a shameless abundance of Daisy photos.  Mothers never mean to pick favorites, but sometimes it just happens.  I’ll try to divide my attentions equally in the future.  Rest assured, Violet and Rosie are loved and cared for as few chickens can boast. Please refrain from calling social services!

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