Lucky Charms

In Chicken husbandry on July 1, 2011 at 3:08 pm

July 1st 

My dear friend who shall remain nameless (Susan) gave me a box of ultra-healthy cereal that she didn’t care for.  Thinking I might find it appetizing she left nearly a full box for me to try.  Here is the name of the cereal and a description of its ingredients:  NATURE’S PATH HIGH FIBER ORGANIC FLAX PLUS PUMPKIN RAISIN CRUNCH.  The box further informs me that this cereal is an excellent source of Omega-3.  There are 7 grams of fiber in a serving.  I won’t give you the complete ingredient list but here are some of the goodies within:  Organic whole wheat meal, organic oat bran, organic flax, organic raisins, and organic pumpkin seeds.  How does it taste?  Exactly how you THINK it would taste!  My nameless friend’s  concern for my colon is heartwarming (Susan), but I ain’t eatin’ this crap cereal! What does this have to do with chickens you may ask?  Well, I thought all that healthy goodness shouldn’t go to waste so I decided to see how my ladies liked it.  Not that they need any help with their “regularity”. (Their regularity is all over my very green back yard!)  I shook the box (a’ la scary red coffee can) and poured some in their scratch bowl. They went wild for it! 

I was impressed with their sophisticated taste in cereal until I noticed they were carefully picking out JUST THE RAISINS and gulping them down with abandon. 

When they were done, the uber-healthy flax nuggets were scattered hither and yon (mostly yon) and there was nary a raisin in site. 

I was reminded of feeding Hannah some Lucky Charms (magically delicious) as a toddler. She picked out every pastel colored marshmallow with her fingers and left the relatively healthy oat shapes floating in the bowl.  Chickens and children aren’t so different.  I leave you with a lovely nightime picture of my “toddlers” in their cozy bedroom. 

I hope my nameless friend (Susan) isn’t offended.  Her gesture of generosity was at least good fodder for an entry in the chickendiary.

  1. I am sure Violet is mortified that you are once again showing her wonky toe to the world.

  2. That was some nasty cereal… 🙂

  3. I’m not chicken hee hee.

  4. Lol. Your blog makes us smile. Your uncle just said he bets you and Merrilu have some times to talk about. Dose this mean that you were not always true Southern Belles?!

    • We made an oath never to divulge our youthful indiscretions so I will not elaborate on our misspent youth. Suffice it to say that no, my dear Uncle. We were NOT always proper southern models of decorum. Did I say this right Merrilu?

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