Free Range Chickens

In Chicken husbandry on July 9, 2011 at 2:54 pm

July 9th 

We flew Jim’s brother Dave down to help with a construction project this week.  That’s not the only reason we wanted him to visit.  Dave is a fun houseguest and we kinda like him even if he weren’t so handy, but building a roof over our parking pad requires more know-how and muscle than Jim can muster.  So yesterday, while the two Burlingame boys were doing manly things with their tools in the searing Alabama sun I let the girls out to roam the back yard all day.  They had a great time! 

Toward the end of the evening they paid Buster a visit. 

He was hanging out on top of his bunny house and the chickens were intrigued with his groovy bachelor pad. 

Well, the healthy flax cereal with raisins scattered on the steps may have had something to do with it. 

Rosie stuck her head in for a closer look. 

How does he fit a water bed in here?!?

In all the excitement we forgot to lower their gang-plank before dark so the ladies couldn’t ascend to their bedchamber at the appointed hour (7:50).  Jim checked on them before he went to bed and they were huddled together in a corner of the coop, looking confused.  We lowered their stairs and they waddled up to bed muttering some choice chicken cuss words for their inattentive mommy.  All was forgiven this morning with an extra special grape and cantaloupe breakfast treat.  Their “Uncle Dave” will be here two more days utilizing his brute strength and expansive construction skills on our little roof project, so the ladies will enjoy another day of roaming.  It’s a fact–free-range chicken just tastes better.  Yikes!  I didn’t mean it girls!

  1. Run for your lives girls!!!!!

  2. Don’t tell them we had a delicious roast FREE RANGE chicken for dinner last night!

  3. Buster seemed very laid back about the home invasion chicken team. Hello to Dave.

  4. Buster is pretty laid back about everything. I wil tell Dave that sexy Aunt Carol said hi. Look for a picture of the Burlingame Brothers in the chickendiary tomorrow. Talk about Sexy! I keep trying to get them to work with their shirts off, but no, go. I need some EYE CANDY!

  5. a waterbed…eye candy…you crack me up 🙂

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