New Recruits

In Chicken husbandry on July 12, 2011 at 12:01 am

July 12th 

My evil plan is to get all the neighborhood children to fall in love with my chickens so they’ll pester their parents to get some of their own.  So far, we are the only house with urban chickens in our neighborhood, but I’m still hopeful.  Miss Riley brought her mom, dad and baby bro, Connor down to Casa de Burlingame last evening to visit the ladies and pet Buster. 

Jim I’m sorry, but those FROCKS (fake CROCKS–$3.50 at the Wal-Mart) have GOT TO GO!  Not a good look for you dude!

We were sad for Jim’s brother to leave today.  Our oldest chick, Hannah came over last night to say goodbye to her Uncle Dave, (at one point in her young life, she called him “Uncle Daddy” when Jim was “vacationing” in the Middle East in the early 90s). 

Yes, her shirt says “More Cowbell”

This cute little fur ball is my newest grand cat, Tabby.  I call her the TAB-I-NA-TOR!  She calls me G’mom.

  1. Mighty pretty little girl ya got there… many thanks to Jim (and his Frocks) for showing The Girls to Our Girl… 🙂

  2. She is pretty isn’t she. Riley and Daisy have the same color hair. Jim’s FROCKS are in the Goodwill bag!

  3. Hannah is as beautiful as ever!!!

  4. Jim, You can come stay with me and wear your Frocks all day long. I have 2 pair and wouldn’t like it very much if they went to goodwill!!! poor baby!

    • Jim will appreciate your defense of his FROCKS. He loves them and has dug them out of the Goodwill bag, much to my chagrin. You two should go shopping together!

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