Mississippi Cousins

In Chicken husbandry on July 17, 2011 at 11:58 pm

July 18th

My sister, Bob (long story) and her family came for a short visit this weekend. 

Bob and the chicken wranglers, Tama & Dennis

Her two sons are devastatingly handsome gentlemen who love their Aunt Deb to bits.  (Right guys?)  They are both used to seeing chickens because they live near my dad who owns 15 Rhode Island Reds.  Daddy’s chickens are champion layers but they aren’t tame, trained wonder chickens like my babies.  Nathan enjoyed chasing and then holding Daisy for a photo-op. 

She got wiggly and he struggled to contain her in his arms. 

Later I put apple pieces all over his twelve year-old bod and he giggled while the girls used him as a buffet table. 

I tried in vain to get Philip (17 and a soon to be senior) to hold a live chicken for my camera, but he was afraid of losing cool points.  He tolerated his crazy aunt taking a picture of him holding a “decorative” chicken, while he lounged around watching golf on the telly. 

Thanks Phil.  I know this took a lot of patience on your part.  Don’t worry; the ladies will love you even more knowing how kind you are to a batty old woman.

Peg & Bill's grandkids--not too shabby!

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