What Lassie, Daisy fell in the well???

In Chicken husbandry on July 24, 2011 at 1:27 am

No, Lassie wasn’t involved, and Daisy fell behind the woodpile, but that doesn’t make a very good title.  The adventure began the other night when I was putzing around the back yard and Jim was STILL WORKING ON THE ROOF!   I noticed Violet playing her nightly game of “Queen of the Woodpile”. 

She and Rosie are great at jumping up and surveying their kingdom from this position.  Daisy—not so much.  She tries to get up but usually gives up after a few tries.  I took the opportunity to photograph Violet’s unmentionables!

Fancy Pantaloons!

A few minutes later I noticed that Buster and Sammy were very interested in something behind the stack. 

Is that dumb chicken in a fix again?

 Buster investigated further and Sammy kept her eye on the situation. 

Buster goes in first. (bunny butt just visible)

I looked behind the pile and there was little Daisy stuck between the wall and the wood. 

Chicken sandwich

Violet got into the act and squawked helpful instructions to her sister. 

What now Daisy? I can't leave you alone for one minute!

The situation wasn’t serious.  I knew I could get her out if I just dismantled the woodpile but I really did not want to do that.  Plus, I was curious to see how the whole thing would unfold. 

Who needs Lassie with this rescue crew?

Sammy, Buster and Violet kept watching Daisy struggle and I kept taking pictures of the mini-drama. 

Are you gonna help me or just keep taking pictures?

Slowly Daisy began to extricate herself from her predicament with Violet encouraging her efforts. 

C'mon sis!

She couldn’t spread her wings to jump and she couldn’t get a good foothold on the logs either.  It was slow-going but after about 20 minutes she freed herself from the evil woodpile and was none the worse for wear. (Only lost two feathers). 

FREEEEEEDOOOOOOOMMMMM! (Mel Gibson screeching in the background)

Lassie, Schmassie!

Thanks for nuthin' mom!

  1. I love that the bunny and cat identified the problem.

  2. You’re a master storyteller. I’m addicted. Who needs Lassie when you have friends like these?!

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