The Grapes of Wrath

In Chicken husbandry on July 26, 2011 at 12:02 am
July 25th

OK, I just really wanted to use the word “grape” in a literary allusion one more time. (Grape Expectations, July 13th)  I guess yesterday’s post could have been entitled The Grape Escape! I was even trying to figure out a post with the title All Creatures Grape and Small, but maybe that one stretches it a bit. So here we have another adventure with the ambrosia of the chicken world, purple grapes.  The evening always begins with me sitting down on a chair with a small bowl of treats for the girls.  It’s mostly grapes but there are usually some raisins, apple pieces or watermelon bits in there too. 

Grace is NOT her middle name

They all three come running without any verbal prompting.

Pick me! Pick me!

They jostle and wrangle and push and peck and cluck like they were begging for their last meal. 

Daisy's grape!

Soon the bowl is empty and I get the “chicken stare”. 

Are you holdin' out on me?

Violet’s is the most intimidating, although Daisy can give a smoldering look. 

Soon they get the idea that treat time is over and without so much as a how-do-you-do, they leave me to wallow in the dirt. 

Such ungrapeful birds.  (Just had to get in one more, sorry. I’m done.)

  1. Ok…. so my secretary thinks I’ve actually gone off the deep end this time, because I cannot stop laughing out loud and I’m sitting here with a big goofy grin. Highlight of my day!!!!

  2. My goal is not achieved until you pee your pants. Please let me know when this happens. You have a secretary? I am so impressed!

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