Chickendiary 101

In Chicken husbandry on July 28, 2011 at 12:00 am

July 27th 

A neighbor (Hi, Shannon) brought her extended family over last night to meet the chickens and watch them go to bed.  She mentioned something about the chickendiary that I want to share in today’s entry.  She was reading a post that I had emailed her and started clicking around on the home page where she discovered the archives.  She got sucked in to my little blog and read some older posts to see how the girls got their start and she enjoyed some of the cute baby pictures.  I’ve had other casual readers say that they thought the one post they read (from Facebook, or an email) was just an isolated essay and not connected in any way to a blog.  If you are new to the chickendiary and want to start from the beginning, just click on Archives at the top of this homepage under the title.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and you’ll see the months starting with April.  Click on April, then scroll to the bottom of THAT page and you’ll see the first chickendiary, Why A Chicken Diary, April 27th.  This format is counterintuitive because you start at the bottom and read UP.  If you’d rather just get a sampling of some of the highlights and don’t have time to read the 50+ entries, I’ve noted some reader favorites here with some pictures you haven’t seen for a while.  One more note… (My apologies to all my super computer/blog literate friends out there.  We aren’t all so versed in cyber surfing) If you want to enlarge a picture, just click on it.  It gets much bigger and you can really see my pretty ladies up close.  OK, even one more note.  If you want to subscribe to the chickendiary you will get a new post as soon as I publish it.  You can subscribe to the RSS feed if you wish, but I think the chickendiary shows best in this WordPress format (looks like a 3 column newspaper).  Just an opinion.  (Regan) And you know what they say about opinions. 🙂 I hope you enjoy this waddle down memory lane.

Homecoming, April 27th




Spider! April 28th

Pecking Order, May 2nd

Bugs Revisited, May 11th

Violet, May 14th

Near Tragedy, May 18th

Progress, May 22nd

How Daisy Got Her Groove Back, May 28th

The House That Jim Built, May 31st

Fried Chicken, June 3rd

Scratch That, June 10th

Bird Brains, June 16th

Funky Chicken, June 21st

Toes Are Not For Tasting, June 22nd

Chicks Love Chickens, June 24th

Feeding Frenzy, June 28th

Can Chickens Swim? July 3rd

Was this a shameless attempt to lure you in to my world of wonderful chickens?  Yes.  Was this post also because I didn’t have anything new to say today?  Uh huh.

  1. Loved the review. I’d forgotten how cute and tiny they were when you brought them home. Surely is fun watching them grow and keeping up with their antics…antics of the chickens and the writer.

  2. Looking at those baby pictures makes me want to get a couple more breeds. Have you seen a Silkie? Look one up online. They’re crazy looking and supposed to be super sweet and friendly. Jim says NO MORE! Who do you think will win? 🙂

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