Well Howdy, C’mon In!

In Chicken husbandry on July 30, 2011 at 3:15 am

July 29th

Last night I left the screen door and my living room door open because the cats asked me to.  They usually get what they want.  So I’m in the kitchen being the domestic goddess that I am, and I look up to see some feathered visitors in the house.

Sammy looked incredulous as they waddled in and strolled right past her on the carpet.

Daisy checked the treat bowl and found it empty. 

Violet tried in vain to scratch up some bugs and worms from the carpet (If she’d tried a little harder I’m sure she would have found some). 

She found the couch and jumped up. 

What’s this called? A Pillow??? Can we get some of these in our coop???

Pillows are AWESOME!

 Our ancient cats Missy & Boots (a combined human age of 160 years) thought they had seen it all until they saw chickens in their house! 



 Daisy looked over her shoulder on her way out and said that treat bowl had better be full tomorrow!  BWAAAWWWWWWK!

Get on it!

  1. Violet had dibs on the pillow. That’s my kind of chick. Love her ‘toes’ (it’s ok, I typed it very quietly).

  2. Good think Violet wasn’t looking over my shoulder when I read this. She is SO sensitive about that toe!

  3. makes me think of “old macdonald had a farm…eieio” 🙂

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