Happy Hens

In Chicken husbandry on August 3, 2011 at 2:04 pm

Aug 3rd

I wish I had some exciting chicken news to impart, but the past few days have been hot, quiet, and frankly boring.  The girls have their chicken routine as do I.  It’s been extra hot this week so I let them free range as often as I can.  They find their shady little dirt spot and take their dust baths…

 They destroy the last of the vegetable garden…

 And they pose for the camera like they think they’re on AMERICA’S TOP CHICKEN…

Hubba Hubba!

Do these feathers make my butt look big?

The Bearded Lady!

Sabrina, Kelly & Jill (Who gets this one?)

I keep ice water in their coop and feed them frozen fruit during the hottest part of the day.  It’s a good thing I don’t work in the summer so I can devote all my time to chicken tending. (OK, I do some yard work, housekeeping and cooking once in a while.)  The weather will be cooler this fall when I go back to my grueling two days of teaching so I won’t feel so bad that the girls have to stay “cooped” up more than usual.  Here are some un-posted pictures for your entertainment.  Enjoy. 

Too HOT to cuddle!

"Teenaged" Daisy

And this one is a sweet picture of Daisy after her accident I never posted. (Near Tragedy, May 12)  No, those hairy hands aren’t mine.

Daddy Jim

  1. Daisy is unmistakably Daisy…love the daddy Jim photo with her. Rosie has the pantaloons and ‘beard’, right? (I Know sweetie, it’s ‘ruffles’…and beautiful they are! ) Violet has the ‘interesting’ feet, right? Do I have the girls identified correctly?

  2. You’re spot on, except they all have lovely pantaloons. Violet’s look like they came from Victoria’s secret. And yes, Violet has the weird toe. Shhhhhhh….
    Rosie has a beard and the most colorful plumage. Her breed is Americauna. (Google it) She’ll lay the beautiful blue and green eggs. And no one can mistake Miss Daisy. They all say Hi Aunt Carol!

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