Little House on the Waters

In Chicken husbandry on August 30, 2011 at 2:16 am

Aug. 30th

Sorry, it’s been a while between chickendiaries, but Jim and I have been frantically working on a little project.  We bought a small house in our neighborhood and we’re fixing it up for renters who move in on Thursday.  The pace has been hectic since we had someone wanting to rent before we even closed, so I haven’t had much time for chicken activities.  The girls are being a bit neglected but they are getting their ice water, fan, watermelon, food and grapes every day.  Do not worry about the spoiled little ladies.  I will go back to the white-hot focus of chickenology as soon as the renters are in and settled.  I’ll take a photo of the cottage when I’m finished with the yard.  It is very cute. 

The girls are growing more beautiful every day.  This Saturday will mark their 20 week birthday and this is the official beginning of EGG WATCH 2011!!!  I check the nest boxes several times a day and I think when I finally see an egg I just might burst into flames!  I am so excited.  Here are some photos of my lovelies.  Chickens are truly nature’s jewelry.  (I used to say that about tree frogs.)  Click on the pictures to enlarge.  They are much better that way. 🙂

Daisy & Rosie practicing their walk for the MISS WORLD CHICKEN PAGEANT.

Those chicks don't stand a chance! I got this in the bag!

Do these feathers make me look fat?

No Daisy, you are absolutely perfect.

  1. I read this random chicken tidbit the the other day and thought of you…
    “Bristish scientists say chickens produce more eggs if they listen to easy listening or Top 40 radio. They hate heavy metal, opera and jazz.”
    Maybe you should experiment!

  2. Egg-cellent idea! Remember “dead guy radio” in Las Vegas? I bet my chickens would like that. Frank, Dean, Sammy, Perry, Wayne and Bing!

  3. Danke Shoen….Dahling, Danke Shoen….Sing it Wayne!

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