In Chicken husbandry on September 9, 2011 at 6:40 pm

Sept. 9th

And the winner is…(drum roll please)…ROSIE!!!!!!!

Yay me!

This morning I heard a lot of noise coming from the coop.  I mean a LOT of noise.  I have a neighbor who is not crazy about my chickens and I was hoping he had his stereo on pretty loud.  I read in the chicken books that they usually make noise when they lay eggs but they REALLY cackle when they first start laying.  I’d get loud too if I had an oblong item exiting a very sensitive area of my bod!  Anyway, the noise died down and I reluctantly left the house to go to an appointment.  Before I left, I peeked in a nest box and my little Rosie was sitting quietly in her carefully made pile of straw.  She was very calm and she let me pet her without showing any stress.  I had a feeling that when I got home I would have a surprise in the box and sure enough; there was a tiny, light blue egg waiting for me. 

The books say that some of the first eggs will be malformed and even broken because the shells aren’t hard enough.  This little egg was perfect.  I weighed it (1.25 oz.), wiped it clean with a moist paper towel and placed it in the fridge.  Jim and I will have a little taste of Rosie’s wares tonight with a not-too-expensive bottle of champagne.  I’m just gonna cook it over easy in some fancy butter with a bit of fresh ground pepper and sea salt.  I’ll let you know how my .625 ounces taste. 🙂

Lynnessa was the first to guess Rosie would lay egg numero uno!  She isn’t a local girl but I will see her at my 30th high school class reunion next month so I will be bringing her 1/2 dozen.  My excellent friend and chicken wrangler, Tama will receive the FIRST 1/2 dozen after Jim and I have accumulated enough for a few breakfasts.  My Aunt Carol (definitely not local) will get a little happy chicken related surprise in her mailbox, and what the heck, Renee, I’m bringing you some too when I come home for the reunion.  All four of you fabulous women recognized greatness in my least publicised chicken.  What excellent insight you have into chicken potential. As for you other egg prognosticators, well done.  You couldn’t have chosen two better runner ups (or is it runners up?).  Let’s hope your  candidates step up to the plate (nest) and fill out my colorful Easter basket.

Well done my strange little bird!  You have brought me much happiness and excitement today!  My little chick is all grown up.

Thank you Rosie.

You're Welcome!

  1. Yaaaay! I just knew she had it in her! Literally!

  2. Yep! She had it in HER and tonight I’m gonna have it in ME!

  3. HOW EXCITING !!! I voted for Daisy, but am just as happy that it was Rosie !!! Congrats,Mommy !

  4. Thank you Miss Susan! I’m thinkin’ Daisy is next. Violet is too busy with world domination to think about making my breakfast.

  5. Congratulations!

  6. Congratulations! You should be proud of Rosie. She has the best chickmommy in town, and chickdaddy.

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