La Deuxième des Oeufs

In Chicken husbandry on September 11, 2011 at 7:31 pm

Sept. 11th

“The Second Egg” sounds fancier in French.  Guess who produced it?  Rosie of course.  Here’s the lowdown.  Jim and I were doing manual labor in the yard when Rosie Girl started hollering again.  Soon she emerged from the coop looking proud and smug.  Jim peeked in and pulled out another small blue/green egg.  I knew that my good friends Mike & Susan had their granddaughters for the day so I called and let them know that there might be a little surprise in the nest for the girls to “find”.  Mike (Big Daddy) brought them down but didn’t tell them what the surprise was.  Layla has been here many times (Riley only once so far)  so she was telling Riley the names of the girls and all the particulars of chicken ranching.

Rosie is the funny looking one. She has a beard but she IS a girl.

I told them that we might have an egg but I wasn’t sure and I asked them to check for me.  I directed them to the empty nest first and acted disappointed. 

Then I said there might be one in the other nest so they checked it, and Voila! (I’m all about speaking Francais today) they found an egg.  The both acted like they just discovered uranium and Layla was actually trembling as she held the little treasure. 

I told them that their Nana would cook it for them but Layla said she wanted to keep it til the chicken came out.  I assured her there was no chicken in there because Rosie wasn’t married.  I put the egg in a safe place, and then the ladies wanted to hold some chickens.  Jim and I grabbed two victims and Rosie & Daisy enjoyed some little girl love for a few minutes. 


As they left my house with their prize, Layla looked at Mike and said with breathless wonder, “This is the best surprise EVER Big Daddy!”  The egg is still in the custody of Miss Layla and may never be eaten, but will always be remembered.  Not a bad fate for the La deuxième des oeufs, huh?  Oh yes, and as I am finishing this entry, Miss Rosie just went three for three.  🙂

  1. I love this blog. All about happy folks and the chickens who make them smile. Precious lil girls in the photos. How many kids have found eggs anywhere but the grocery aisle?!

  2. I love you Aunt Carol. Thanks for the nice words. Some of my best memories were getting eggs from Papa’s barn with my cousins. Hug my uncle for me please!

  3. Go Rosie! Light up that marquee! You are a superstar!

  4. I’m working on your half dozen Miss Lynnessa! –Rosie

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