Sister Act

In Chicken husbandry on September 19, 2011 at 7:14 pm
Sept. 19th

My sister and her husband paid us a short visit on Saturday on their way home to Mississippi.  Tim had never visited the Burlingame farm so he got to meet our critters for the first time.  Jo had already met the old lady cats but not the kittens, bunny or chickens.  As always with new visitors, a picture of guests holding chickens is in order.

Hannah, Aunt Jo & Violet

Tim snapped this fabulous picture of Violet jumping for a grape!

The girl's got game!

And of course we had “chicken time”…

Does that camera have any grapes in it?

I’m pretty sure that camera has grapes in it!

Our kid Hannah came over to visit with Aunt Jo & Uncle Timmy. 

Hannah & Violet with their dad.

She managed to make off with the only Rosie egg we had in the fridge.  I’m never going to get my omelette!  Miss Rosie has laid an egg everyday since September 9th. 

Do you mind? I'm busy!

Daisy & Violet show no inclination to produce any ova.

If these ladies don't start laying their new names are gonna be Cacciatore and Tetrazzini!

Later that evening two young ladies stopped by to meet the chickens. They were visiting their grandparents and were on their way to the neighborhood pool.

Avery & Logan meet Violet

I’m always happy to educate the next generation on the joys of chicken husbandry.  🙂

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