Justin Time

In Chicken husbandry on September 20, 2011 at 3:38 pm

Sept. 20th

Hannah brought her latest boyfriend (victim) over to meet the parents (free meal).  Justin’s a very nice kid who loves animals and was more than eager to hold a chicken. (a MUST for all prospective son in-laws). 

Future Farmers of America

Before dinner we had “chicken time” and Violet tried to get some grapes in fermented form. 

I know what that stuff is made of!

Before you call the cops, my kid will be 23 in two weeks.  She’s legal.  And if you see Hannah around town, please tell her she’s too cute to dress like a homeless person!

Disclaimer: I know you’re thinking that my kid will kill me when she reads this post, but never fear; neither she nor my husband read the chickendiary so they are fair game for making fun.  That’s what they get for ignoring great art!

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