Practice Makes Perfect

In Chicken husbandry on September 25, 2011 at 6:09 pm

Sept. 25th

You know when I said Violet’s first egg was perfect?  Um, I was wrong.  We made a gruesome discovery on Friday when Jim lifted the side of the roof off so I could clean the coop.  Violet had laid three “eggs” previous to her victory egg.  I say “egg” because all three were malformed.  One looked like it had a paper shell and the other two looked like there had been no shell at all.  Most of the chicken books/sites say that the first few eggs may be imperfect.  What’s weird is that Violet didn’t lay any of these egg “experiments” in the nest box.  She waited until she was ready to give us her best work.  Her mistakes were all smashed into the floor of the coop nowhere near the box.  How did she know these first three eggs would not be “nest-worthy”?  Some mysteries of chicken life will never be unravelled.  I wouldn’t want to embarrass her by pointing out these first mistakes.  Don’t mention this to her if you don’t mind.  Like the rest of my family, Violet does not read the chickendiary so she won’t be aware that her imperfections have been broadcast to the general public.  She’s always been a little sensitive anyway. (Perfection is Boring, Jun. 25th.)

Nobody's perfect.

Now regarding that really great egg she laid on Friday…We had it on Saturday morning and of course it was delicious!  And no, I didn’t get my champagne.  It was 7:30 in the morning.  Even I have my limits! I took a picture so you can see how high the yolk stands up.

Yes, my little 5" skillet is very cute.

It was not as hard as Rosie’s egg or as orange.  I guess it’s a breed thing.  I put the little shell next to the other “first” egg and they will stay there guarded by Mr. Owl until Daisy makes her egg debut. 

I give a hoot!

I have a plan to make something crafty with the first three eggs for a devoted reader of the chickendiary.  I’ll debut my masterpiece here when I’m finished and after the mystery girl receives it in the mail.  I know you’re on pins and needles!

We’ve started feeding eggshells to the girls as a supplement to their diet.  I know it seems a little gruesome, almost cannibalistic, but lots of other animals eat their afterbirth to replenish nutrients lost in childbirth– Cats, Dogs, Cows, Tom Cruise; so it’s not really as weird as it seems.  They eat them like candy so they are definitely not freaked out about the practice.  Meanwhile Miss Daisy shows no interest whatsoever in filling our cartons. 

I almost have your half-dozen Lynnessa!

She continues to grow to monstrous proportions, so I’m sure when she does begin laying she’ll produce delightfully jumbo orbs for our enjoyment.  Take your time girl.  We’ll be patient.

I'm just big-boned!

  1. I love that you are saving your chickies first egg shells, like we saved our babies first lock of hair or tooth.

  2. I hadn’t thought of it that way, but yes, it’s the same principle. I saved Hannah’s “belly button”. She thinks that’s just about the grossest thing she’s ever heard of!

  3. 7:30 in the morning calls for Mimosas. 😉

  4. Bloody Mary’s are good too!

  5. OK, why did I put an apostrophe in Marys? It must be early.

  6. They are! I was suggesting in defense of champagne for breakfast. 😉

  7. tom cruise… “crack” me up 🙂

  8. You did hear a tabloid rumor that he did that when Suri was born? I bet it’s true. The guy gets stranger every day.

  9. Apparently it is a real thing for someone to be a “Placenta Preparer” and prepare it for human consumption! I learned that from Anderson Cooper…

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