Chickmommy’s 30th Class Reunion

In Chicken husbandry on October 2, 2011 at 2:20 pm

Oct. 2nd

A good time was had by all at the fabulous Elk’s Lodge in Dixie, Mississippi last night.  I had to leave early because Jim had to be on a plane to Turkey this morning and he flies out of Atlanta.  But I was able to cut one rug with a dashing classmate, (Jim said NO DANCING! Pretty lame huh?) and I visited with several of the old gang, some of whom I have not seen since 1981.  The night before the festivities a large group attended the Homecoming football game where I made sure Miss Lynnessa got her prize Rosie eggs.  I’m sure this was the highlight of my friend’s life (Let’s hope not!) because she was beaming with happiness when I bestowed the little blue/green half-dozen. 

Now my life is complete!

Don’t you love her tacky mum?  She and I and only one other classmate (Right on, Donna!) revived the custom of wearing pipe cleaner-festooned, glitter-encrusted, oversized-ribboned homecoming mums the likes of which have not been seen since the early 80s.  I know the odd looks we received were looks of white-hot jealousy from our classmates who were otherwise undecorated! 🙂

During the party, I was heartened to learn than a few of my other classmates had chicken stories to tell, (Michelle your chicken needs a better name than “Chick-Chick”.  Let me work on that for you).  Lest you think I matriculated from a bunch of farmers and Nascar fans (Tina, farmers are awesome!), my reunion was peppered with a Ph.D in aerospace engineering, who has the good sense to teach at Auburn University (Thanks for the dance Roy!), a sprinkling of dentists, pharmacists, (Mark, Jonathan, you can fix my choppers and medicate me anytime!) and a former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader (Cynthia, you were radiant).  The mayor of our town (also a classmate) offered the prayer, (You said it would be short Roger!) and YOURS TRULY led our little band of patriots in the pledge of allegiance.  (Tama, I didn’t forget “indivisible”.) I was also privileged to get a couple of hugs from some old beaus (Scott, Jeff, you still got it guys!) OH PUT A SOCK IN IT JIM!  YOU WOULDN’T DANCE WITH ME!

OK, so this post has little to do with chickens.  I was in a bittersweet mood this morning and wanted to wax nostalgic about some dear old friends.  I’m glad to be home now.  The girls said Tama did a superb job of chicken-sitting, but they missed their mamma.  Oh, one more thing…no offense Nascar fans!  I’m sure I don’t know what I’m missing.

  1. We just get better & better with age!!!!

  2. Did somebody say wine?

  3. I’m the wine, you’re the stinky cheese!

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