Kung Pao Poultry

In Chicken husbandry on October 7, 2011 at 2:32 am

Oct. 6th

Who knew chickens love left over Chinese food?  Currently their favorite is Kung Pao Shrimp.  They go wild for it, but they request NO MSG!

She forgot the chopsticks again!

On the egg front…Violet has taken a 5 day vacation from egg production.  I think she’s waiting for Daisy to catch up.  This morning, however, I did get a lovely egg from her, and DAISY HAS STARTED TO DO THE CHICKEN SQUAT!!!  This means she’s thinking about making her own contribution to the Burlingame larder! 

Check out my post from Sept. 16th (Guess What, Chicken Squat!) to learn about the mysteries of this strange chicken behavior.  Meantime, Miss Rosie continues to fill my egg carton an average of 6 eggs a week.  The girl really has it goin’ on! 

I'm da bomb!

Do yourself a favor.  Click on her picture to make it bigger.  This chick is one beautiful bird! 

Jim is still in Turkey on your tax dollar.  You can bet he’s working hard to earn it but I’ll be glad when he gets home.  I’ve been “borrowing” Dennis’ muscles to help me move my coop, and take the roof off for cleaning since Jim flitted off to his little NATO vacation.  Thanks for the brawn Dennis.  The girls think  you’re dreamy.

  1. Daisy is gearing up for the golden eggs!

  2. I know! This is so exciting!!!

  3. She really is a beauty queen!

  4. I’ll tell her you said that. Hope it doesn’t go to her head.

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