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In Chicken husbandry on October 20, 2011 at 10:37 pm

Oct. 20th

Recently our town had a referendum vote to raise property taxes to form a new school system.  Of course the proponents of the tax canvassed our neighborhood with signs to promote the vote. (I had two in my yard).  When the vote was over (we won!) I was curious about what would happen to all the signs.  They were rectangular and laminated and I had my eye on them for a special purpose.  After asking permission, (Thanks Andrew) I collected about 25 of them.  They are just about the most perfect coop liners I could have imagined.  They are easily cut and are waterproof so this makes them “hose-able” as well.  I made a custom coop liner for their upstairs and Daisy inspected my work.

But I'm not registered!

I was using cardboard before, but it needs to be replaced about every ten days.  This material will last until the next referendum comes up.  I think it looks great and will give the girls something to read when they’re bored.   As I was typing this post I heard a weird sound behind me.  I looked around and Daisy and Rosie were in my foyer sampling a floral rug.

These flowers need some flavor!

I had left the screen door and the living room door wide open due to the lovely weather, and the ladies had ventured farther into the house than ever before.  I gently shooed them out and looked for any “gifts” they may have left in the house.  Not a one!  Good girls!

Jim and I just returned from a Maine vacation and I can’t resist sharing  some photos that have absolutely nothing to do with chickens.  The view from our cottage…

You know you're jealous!

The view from our schooner tour…

Maine is lousy with these things!

Well, I’m glad to be home.  Thanks Tama and Terri for taking care of my eight critters!  I brought you some taffy!

  1. I just love that the girls are involved with recycling.

  2. Very “green” girlies!

  3. Yes I am jealous. Let’s just leave it at that!

  4. It would have been fun to be “Mainiacs” with you!

  5. very resourceful…i am impressed 🙂

  6. And they are color coordinated too!

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