Full Circle

In Chicken husbandry on October 27, 2011 at 2:18 pm

Oct. 27th

Many of my long time readers will remember Dr. Glasscock.  She is featured in two previous posts (Driving Miss Daisy…Home, May 19th, & How Daisy Got Her Groove Back, May 28th)  Today she appears for the final time (we hope!) in the chickendiary.  After the good doc saved my sweet yellow chicken this spring, I promised her Daisy’s first egg.  Daisy, however, had the bad timing to lay her premier egg at the beginning of Dr. G’s vacation.  Then, before I could deliver it, we embarked on our trip to Maine.  By the time we got back we decided to eat the morsel ourselves, instead of delivering a slightly aged egg to our vet.  It’s a good thing we kept it, because we were able to immortalize the only double-yolk egg we’ve ever seen! (Daisy Does a Double, Oct. 23rd)  So, yesterday I called Goodwin Animal Hospital (shameless and well-deserved plug!) to find out when Dr. G would be free for a short visit.  I arrived at 2:00 and waited 30 minutes while she spoke patiently with distressed pet owners over the phone.  When she saw me in the waiting room she seemed on the verge of tears and said what a stressful day it had been.  She looked in the gift bag to see the three little tan eggs and she broke into a huge grin. 


I’m really surprised they give Veterinary licenses to 14 year-olds but apparently they do. 🙂

  1. People everywhere seem to be getting younger and younger…. very disturbing.

  2. NO….The shameless part is the way you are sucking up to your cute little vet!! Hoping for a good discount I guess! lol

  3. It’s amazing what they let kids do these days 🙂

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