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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like…

In Chicken husbandry on November 29, 2011 at 2:47 pm

Nov. 29th

I'm not very crafty, but even I can stick glittery letters on foam stockings!

Snoopy eat yer heart out!


A Santa hat and fake foliage makes for a festive feathered friend.


A festive flock.

I’m gettin’ in the mood!  Did you realize Christmas and Chicken both begin with “Ch”? 

Most Thankful Today

In chicken coop, Chicken husbandry, urban chickens on November 24, 2011 at 4:19 pm

Nov. 23rd

I am most thankful to have my parents here for Thanksgiving Day. 

Alabama Gothic

You’ve met them before: (Farmer Bill, Oct. 10th & Chickmommy’s MOMMY!, Aug. 12th).  My dad has never met the girls although he’s seen pictures. 

Dad enjoying some excellent reading material.

Daddy has about 20 Rhode Island Reds, but he lives in a rural environment and doesn’t actually do urban chicken farming.  He has a barn and lots of land so his operation is more traditional.  I was excited to see his reaction to my little “City Chicks” and their fancy little chicken condo.  He thought my chicken operation was pretty cool and he thought the girls looked healthy and beautiful.

Daisy practices her strut for the Macy's parade!

Today, I am thankful for my family, feathered and non-feathered.  The girls are thankful that turkey is on the menu. 

No need to run ladies!

Happy Thanksgiving to all from the Chickendiary family.

Carl Regains His Freedom!

In Chicken husbandry on November 21, 2011 at 8:00 pm

Nov. 21st

For readers of yesterday’s post Running Afowl of the Law, I wanted to update you on “Carl the Downtown Rooster” from Ocean Springs, Mississippi.  After a heated town council meeting yesterday, Carl and his sidekicks were released at 11:00 today to adoring fans and fawning press. 

Carl will take your questions now.

The feathered fellas spent an uncertain weekend in captivity while the powers that be and the power of the people decided their fate.  Go to Carl’s Facebook page to read more.

Carl is happy to be free to amuse and entertain the citizens of his colorful coastal town. 

Carl judges an art show in Ocean Springs.

Carl’s ordeal has skyrocketed him to fame and he now has over 600 Facebook friends!  Daisy, Rosie and Violet have been waiting on pins and needles to see if their heartthrob would be released.  They think Carl is dreamy and Carl is in complete agreement.


Disclaimer: These great photos of Carl were pilfered from his Facebook page.  They were posted by his many adoring fans.

Running Afowl of the Law

In Chicken husbandry on November 20, 2011 at 3:56 pm

Nov. 20th

The times they are a changin’. (props to Bob Dylan)  A couple of chicken stories have recently come to my attention that cover the current trend for backyard chicken-keeping.  One story, very close to home, highlights the newly formed club, The Auburn Cluckers.  The City Council of Auburn recently approved an ordinance that allows urban chicken keeping within certain guidelines.  I quote a few lines from the news article here:

Passage of the Urban Chicken Ordinance by the City Council has led to the formation of “Auburn Cluckers,” a group to support and advise people seeking to raise chickens at home.  The new club, which promotes the keeping of chickens in urban Auburn, met recently to compare notes and learn more about the hobby. The ordinance was passed after a group of citizens pushed for its passage…The keeping of chickens in urban settings has become popular because of a nationwide movement of sustainability and “green” living. Raising chickens allows for fresh eggs and garden fertilizer, as well as helping children understand food sources and providing alternative pets for those with allergies.

For the entire article and a nice picture of the club members go here:

A bit farther away, but still in our home state is another tale of Chicken Championing that drew a lot of local press.  A woman in Homewood, Alabama (suburb of Birmingham) was fighting for her right to keep a small flock of chickens in her backyard. 

Her coop is a copy of a local church. Beautiful.

Homewood allows urban chickens but her flock did not strictly adhere to the guidelines of the ordinance and her birds were in danger of being forcibly relocated.  The story grew legs and turned into a movement which gained the name FREE THE HOMEWOOD SEVEN!  For more go here:

She was aided in her struggle by the group C.L.U.C.K., Citizens for the Legalization of Urban Chicken Keeping. (GREATEST ACRONYM EVER!)

But I think my favorite story of all concerns the exploits of a dashing young cock named Carl who has enchanted the residents of Ocean Springs, Mississippi with his friendly charm and swaggering good looks. 

You know I'm fine.

It seems that Carl regularly visits a local eatery in town and is welcomed by diners and fans who offer him treats from their plates. 

Carl feels quite comfortable in this environment.

He also favors the famous local treat, the TATO NUT  (Worth the trip to Ocean Springs just for a taste).  For the full story go here:

Carl has his own FB page  and over 500 friends (I am one).  Daisy, Rosie & Violet regularly post on his page and offer their support and admit to a bit of a crush on this Ravishing Rooster. 

Poultry Patriot.

I am tempted give my flock a cause-worthy name as well.   Jim, however, says the Pike Road Peckers is an inappropriate  moniker.  I’m sure he has his reasons.  For now the girls shall remain afowl of the law here in Pike Road.  A cuter pack of outlaws there never was.

What's all the fuss?

Coop de MacGyver

In Chicken husbandry on November 15, 2011 at 4:00 pm

Nov. 15th

Cold weather is just around the corner so we’re “winterizing” the chicken coop.  I’ve started lining the bedroom roost with fresh pine straw on cleaning day to add some insulation. 

Rosie LIKE!

Jim has been brainstorming on a way to put little doors on the wire windows on either end of the upstairs. 

After fiddling with an idea of using hinges, he came up with a nifty trick of using magnets to hold the doors in place on the chicken wire. 

I was ordered to crop out the messy garage.

My neighbor Tama calls Jim “MacGyver” because he’s usually handy at fixing or inventing things to solve problems.  She thinks he could build a civilization out of tooth picks, duct tape and paperclips.  I don’t know about that, but the little doors look great and they keep the roost cozy and draft free when the temperature drops at night. 

The little black knobs were my only contribution to the project.

Thanks to the magnets, the doors just stick to the tin roof when I remove them in the morning. 

OK it’s not rocket science, but I never would have thought of it.  And for the record, Jim actually IS a rocket scientist.  🙂

You’re So Vane!

In Chicken husbandry on November 11, 2011 at 7:31 pm

Nov. 11th

My good buddy G. T. and his crew put my rooster on the roof  today!

Isn’t he beautiful?  And he’s as quiet as a mouse.  No crowing to wake the neighbors or disturb the peace.

He’s made of copper and will eventually turn green with time.

I send a special thank  you to my husband and Daddy for their 20 plus years each of military service.  Thank you to all who serve and served to keep our country free and great.  Happy Veteran’s Day!

100th Chickendiary Post!!!

In Chicken husbandry on November 9, 2011 at 2:17 pm

Nov. 9th

I love when young kids visit my back yard to play with chickens.  I figure for every kid who has a fun experience with my girls, it adds another Urban Chicken advocate to the cause of sustainable, humanely raised food.  I know they’re certainly not thinking along these lines when they squeal with delight to see a fat yellow chicken jump two feet off the ground to grab a treat; but the seed has been planted.  When they take home an egg they find in the nest box, it becomes easier for them to consider that this is a more natural and fun way to eat.  These three particular children have stopped by before and I was struck not only with their appearance (all three beautiful kids) but also with their impeccable, courtly manners.  Not since the 50s have I heard such phrases as “pardon me”, “may I ask a question”,  and “thank you so much”.  OK, I wasn’t alive then, but I have seen a lot of black and white TV.  Even Opie Taylor didn’t pepper his every sentence with a “ma’am”!

Jake, Dylan & Palmer frolic with the girls

Mom, can we get one?

Little Palmer is two and she kept repeating a phrase I was sure she heard from her brothers, but apparently “Aaaaaw Maaaaaaaan!” is an utterance currently heard on TV by some chick named “Dora”.  🙂

Awwww Maaaaaaan, CHICKENS!

I’m not sure what manual their mom is using, but she needs to spread the word!

Best Nest

In Chicken husbandry on November 7, 2011 at 6:17 pm

Nov. 7th

I may have mentioned earlier that I had a crafty plan to make a gift with the girl’s “first” eggs.  Recently I took an empty nest from our neighborhood and used it to make a little present for my Aunt Carol.  She’s as sentimental as they come and a homemade gift makes her as happy as a pricey bauble.  Plus, she has a little collection of bird’s nests that she hangs on her kitchen wall and I thought this would compliment her assortment.

I decorated it with the girl’s down feathers and arranged the eggs so they fit in the tiny nest.  She received it in the mail last week and sent me a nice note thanking me for it.  I knew she was the right person to send it to because they don’t come any sweeter or kinder than this lady.  Her old man ain’t bad either.  Love you Uncle Sonny!

Daisy Dood It Again!

In Chicken husbandry on November 3, 2011 at 1:09 pm

Nov. 3rd

Although I was hoping for the rarest of the rare, triple-yolker, I was pleased to see that Daisy laid another double-yolk egg for my breakfast.  It looked like a cute little Halloween ghost in my frying pan.


I plan to have a talk with my yellow girl today.  Thanks for the amazing egg-laying feats Miss Daisy, but you can retire now.  We are very proud and pleased with your single-yolk delights.

Whew! Thank goodness!

The Egg That Ate Alabama

In Chicken husbandry on November 2, 2011 at 8:23 pm

Nov. 2nd

Except for an ostrich egg I saw at a zoo once, I’ve never seen an egg this big.  I went to the nest box this morning and found these three specimens.  There were two normal sized eggs and a monstrosity that I shall name EGG-ZILLA! 

To give you a true sense of how big it actually is, I asked my friend to hold it for a photo.

Tama, you make a great hand model!

Now she does have “smallish” hands but still!  Look at it!  I mean REALLY! 

It weighs 3 ounces!  Jumbo eggs are classified at 2.5 but I couldn’t find a category for three.  Does anyone know?  I spent a bit of time searching and could find nothing.  SUPER Jumbo perhaps?  The chicken sites say that such large eggs are hard on chickens.  DUH! 

That hurted me.

I can only imagine that it’s hard for Daisy to produce these monstrous orbs.  This one is bigger than the double yolk she laid on Oct. 23rd (Daisy Does a Double).  Her poor widdle backside!


I assume it’s a double yolk, but we won’t find out until tomorrow morning.  One site said that triple yolks have been reported and I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if this turns out to be one.  Stay tuned for the answer.  Now I’m going to give that girl some grapes!

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