The Egg That Ate Alabama

In Chicken husbandry on November 2, 2011 at 8:23 pm

Nov. 2nd

Except for an ostrich egg I saw at a zoo once, I’ve never seen an egg this big.  I went to the nest box this morning and found these three specimens.  There were two normal sized eggs and a monstrosity that I shall name EGG-ZILLA! 

To give you a true sense of how big it actually is, I asked my friend to hold it for a photo.

Tama, you make a great hand model!

Now she does have “smallish” hands but still!  Look at it!  I mean REALLY! 

It weighs 3 ounces!  Jumbo eggs are classified at 2.5 but I couldn’t find a category for three.  Does anyone know?  I spent a bit of time searching and could find nothing.  SUPER Jumbo perhaps?  The chicken sites say that such large eggs are hard on chickens.  DUH! 

That hurted me.

I can only imagine that it’s hard for Daisy to produce these monstrous orbs.  This one is bigger than the double yolk she laid on Oct. 23rd (Daisy Does a Double).  Her poor widdle backside!


I assume it’s a double yolk, but we won’t find out until tomorrow morning.  One site said that triple yolks have been reported and I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if this turns out to be one.  Stay tuned for the answer.  Now I’m going to give that girl some grapes!

  1. And some hemorrhoid cream.

  2. I don’t know how I missed this post. Wowza! She might have been a late bloomer, but she sure is showing her stuff now!

  3. We saved it and glued it back together for posterity of her poor posterior!

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