100th Chickendiary Post!!!

In Chicken husbandry on November 9, 2011 at 2:17 pm

Nov. 9th

I love when young kids visit my back yard to play with chickens.  I figure for every kid who has a fun experience with my girls, it adds another Urban Chicken advocate to the cause of sustainable, humanely raised food.  I know they’re certainly not thinking along these lines when they squeal with delight to see a fat yellow chicken jump two feet off the ground to grab a treat; but the seed has been planted.  When they take home an egg they find in the nest box, it becomes easier for them to consider that this is a more natural and fun way to eat.  These three particular children have stopped by before and I was struck not only with their appearance (all three beautiful kids) but also with their impeccable, courtly manners.  Not since the 50s have I heard such phrases as “pardon me”, “may I ask a question”,  and “thank you so much”.  OK, I wasn’t alive then, but I have seen a lot of black and white TV.  Even Opie Taylor didn’t pepper his every sentence with a “ma’am”!

Jake, Dylan & Palmer frolic with the girls

Mom, can we get one?

Little Palmer is two and she kept repeating a phrase I was sure she heard from her brothers, but apparently “Aaaaaw Maaaaaaaan!” is an utterance currently heard on TV by some chick named “Dora”.  🙂

Awwww Maaaaaaan, CHICKENS!

I’m not sure what manual their mom is using, but she needs to spread the word!

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