Coop de MacGyver

In Chicken husbandry on November 15, 2011 at 4:00 pm

Nov. 15th

Cold weather is just around the corner so we’re “winterizing” the chicken coop.  I’ve started lining the bedroom roost with fresh pine straw on cleaning day to add some insulation. 

Rosie LIKE!

Jim has been brainstorming on a way to put little doors on the wire windows on either end of the upstairs. 

After fiddling with an idea of using hinges, he came up with a nifty trick of using magnets to hold the doors in place on the chicken wire. 

I was ordered to crop out the messy garage.

My neighbor Tama calls Jim “MacGyver” because he’s usually handy at fixing or inventing things to solve problems.  She thinks he could build a civilization out of tooth picks, duct tape and paperclips.  I don’t know about that, but the little doors look great and they keep the roost cozy and draft free when the temperature drops at night. 

The little black knobs were my only contribution to the project.

Thanks to the magnets, the doors just stick to the tin roof when I remove them in the morning. 

OK it’s not rocket science, but I never would have thought of it.  And for the record, Jim actually IS a rocket scientist.  🙂

  1. for some reason i have quit getting notices of your blog posts in my email. Did you block me or delete me from the circle of chicks!!

  2. No girlfriend! I would never do that! Just put the site on your desktop and check it every coupla days. I don’t know why you stopped getting them. Sorry.

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