Running Afowl of the Law

In Chicken husbandry on November 20, 2011 at 3:56 pm

Nov. 20th

The times they are a changin’. (props to Bob Dylan)  A couple of chicken stories have recently come to my attention that cover the current trend for backyard chicken-keeping.  One story, very close to home, highlights the newly formed club, The Auburn Cluckers.  The City Council of Auburn recently approved an ordinance that allows urban chicken keeping within certain guidelines.  I quote a few lines from the news article here:

Passage of the Urban Chicken Ordinance by the City Council has led to the formation of “Auburn Cluckers,” a group to support and advise people seeking to raise chickens at home.  The new club, which promotes the keeping of chickens in urban Auburn, met recently to compare notes and learn more about the hobby. The ordinance was passed after a group of citizens pushed for its passage…The keeping of chickens in urban settings has become popular because of a nationwide movement of sustainability and “green” living. Raising chickens allows for fresh eggs and garden fertilizer, as well as helping children understand food sources and providing alternative pets for those with allergies.

For the entire article and a nice picture of the club members go here:

A bit farther away, but still in our home state is another tale of Chicken Championing that drew a lot of local press.  A woman in Homewood, Alabama (suburb of Birmingham) was fighting for her right to keep a small flock of chickens in her backyard. 

Her coop is a copy of a local church. Beautiful.

Homewood allows urban chickens but her flock did not strictly adhere to the guidelines of the ordinance and her birds were in danger of being forcibly relocated.  The story grew legs and turned into a movement which gained the name FREE THE HOMEWOOD SEVEN!  For more go here:

She was aided in her struggle by the group C.L.U.C.K., Citizens for the Legalization of Urban Chicken Keeping. (GREATEST ACRONYM EVER!)

But I think my favorite story of all concerns the exploits of a dashing young cock named Carl who has enchanted the residents of Ocean Springs, Mississippi with his friendly charm and swaggering good looks. 

You know I'm fine.

It seems that Carl regularly visits a local eatery in town and is welcomed by diners and fans who offer him treats from their plates. 

Carl feels quite comfortable in this environment.

He also favors the famous local treat, the TATO NUT  (Worth the trip to Ocean Springs just for a taste).  For the full story go here:

Carl has his own FB page  and over 500 friends (I am one).  Daisy, Rosie & Violet regularly post on his page and offer their support and admit to a bit of a crush on this Ravishing Rooster. 

Poultry Patriot.

I am tempted give my flock a cause-worthy name as well.   Jim, however, says the Pike Road Peckers is an inappropriate  moniker.  I’m sure he has his reasons.  For now the girls shall remain afowl of the law here in Pike Road.  A cuter pack of outlaws there never was.

What's all the fuss?

  1. I love the name!

  2. I’ll tell Jim. I can’t imagine why he doesn’t think it’s appropriate? Can you?

  3. It is quite catchy…..I can’t wait to hear the response you get from your Pike Road neighbors.

  4. :). Like I said, Jim is making me leave that name in the think tank. He’s so prissy!

  5. Found your blog because my friend Carl (The OS Rooster) showed me the link. We love our darling Carl, and his two brothers (one of which has already been removed, and adopted) and I hope he gets to stay downtown. Everyone cares for him, and he likes to strut around the town, and even shows up for karaoke sessions. He walks around the city like he owns the place.

    I also used to live in Montgomery, Alabama. My sister even worked for Goodwin years ago!

    I went back and read most of the past entries, and the blog is great. I love the way you write.

    • Carmen, what a nice comment. Thank you. My cousin Doug Myatt lives in OS and he originally sent me the article about Carl. Doug is the curator at the Walter Anderson Museum. Maybe you know him. He’s a hoot and one of my favorite people. I hope Carl is still around when I visit Doug in OS. I am originally a Mississppi girl from Purvis, (just south of H’burg). Is Miner’s Toy Store still in operation? I used to visit there often when we were stationed at Keesler back in the early 90s. Great to hear from a fellow fowl lover. I will keep up with Carl and hope to meet him somday. Keep on Cluckin’!

      • I do know Doug! He is wonderful. I am a local artist, and we met a few years ago, and I liked him instantly. A wonderful man, loved by everyone on the coast! I would say “small world,” but I’ve yet to meet someone who DOESN’T know Douglas. Yes, Miner’s is still around. Hope you enjoy your visit when you come back!

  6. Give Doug a hug from his weird cousin next time you see him. He’ll know which one it is! 🙂
    So nice to “meet” you.

  7. Another laugh out loud one!!! Keep ’em coming

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