Sweet Tater Eliminator!

In Chicken husbandry on December 1, 2011 at 7:09 pm

Dec. 1st

Our family has never been squeamish about leftovers.  We’ll happily chow down on two, three, & even four-day old food from the fridge.  We lose sleep over wasting food and we almost never do.  But even our cast iron stomachs were no match for the small bit of sweet potato casserole left over from Thanksgiving.  I had an idea that the girls wouldn’t mind snacking on some week-old Thanksgiving food and I was right.  They loved it!  Violet hogged the marshmallow topping. 

No stuffing?

No, marshmallows aren’t good for chickens, just like they’re not really good for humans; but sometimes you just need to say, what the cluck!  Happy December everyone!

  1. Those chicks really live the life. I am waiting for an Animal Planet reality show….”The Real House Chicks of Montgomery”.

  2. Rosie will be the mysterious woman with the foreign accent, Violet will be the bossy bitch and Daisy can be the dumb blonde!

  3. I love me some leftovers too, but my snotty too-good-for-it kids won’t touch the stuff and Charles is a “sometimer”. Poor me, I have to eat them all myself~~~:)

  4. If it weren’t for leftovers, we’d starve! My sister Robin’s family is the same way. I hate to imagine the amount of food they throw out!

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