My Coop Runneth Over

In Chicken husbandry on December 27, 2011 at 4:53 pm

Dec. 27th

I got some nifty Christmas gifts this year!

Thanks for the egg timer Beth!

 Jim says this is NOT going on HIS car!

Indeed I am.

 Susan wants me to advertise.

Destined for my side porch.

 Margaret, these are too pretty to wipe my mouth with!

The ones on the left could be a portrait of the girls.


More napkins... Margaret thinks I'm messy!

Beth, I’m sure my coffee will taste 100% better in this mug.

Why yes I do!

Hey, I know Christmas isn’t supposed to be about stuff.  First, it’s about he birth of Christ.  Further, it’s a time to reflect on the events of the year and the blessings and struggles that make us appreciate the people in our lives who make each day worthwhile. It’s about caring for the needy, being kind to our fellow-man and generally sharing love and comfort to others.  Plus, I’m pretty sure there were chickens beside the manger because my Nativity scene would not lie…
Forgive me for my materialism, but dang it!  I really do love the stuff.

Much thanks for the great haul.

I hope Santa was good to you all this year. 
  1. Thanks to everyone at FT.Clucker for makeing our Christmas brighter……………Jim and julia davis

    • Hi! So happy you found the chicken diary! I am honored. Go to archives back to April and May to see some very cute baby picutres. Hope y’all had a great Christmas.

  2. Love all your cluck cluck stuff!!! You need to come to see my new puppy!!!! Tons of puppy sugar!!

  3. Chicken rule! Puppies DROOL!!!
    Is there a picture of him on your page?

  4. Chickmommy…….love your blog! I’m trying to figure how to have a few chickens myself without providing a delicious feast for our local coyotes, raccoons & hawks! Anyway, found you through my daughter, Lauren, who worked with Hannah for a while. You’re very witty & entertaining! Keep up the good work!

    • Gwen, great to hear from you. Please come for a visit or give me a call. (–send me an email and I’ll send you my phone #). I would LOVE to talk chicken with you! Where did Lauren work with Hannah? She’s at a restaurant in Cloverdale now. Thanks so much for the kind words.

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