In Chicken husbandry on January 4, 2012 at 4:30 pm

 Jan. 4th

While Dave and Joel were visiting over New Years, they had some fun with remote-controlled helicopters and planes. 

One of these guys is an actual pilot. The OTHER is actually good at flying these things.

In an effort to provide my readership with some entertainment, I asked my nephew Joel to use his coptering skills to dive bomb a few silly chickens.  He was reluctant, but I have my methods of pursuasion, so he relented.  (OBEY ME!–menacing voice, wild-eyed stare) I grabbed my camera and documented the insanity. 

Do you hear something Rosie?


I swear I hear something.


It's a pretty butterfly!


That ain't no butterfly!!!


What is this thing??? Violet HELP!!!


Where is she when we need her most?


What's all the commotion? Hey, what's that thing?

You might remember that I am not above using my chickens in unnatural ways to get great pictures and provide laughs. (Can Chickens Swim? July 3, 2011) Before you pick up your phones to call the authorities, let me assure you that no fowl were fouled during this experiment.  Further, please do not fault the young man involved in my evil plan.  He was an unwilling victim and was acting on the orders of his crazy aunt.  Sleep well Joel, you’ve done no wrong.  The blame is all on Aunt Debbie.

Silly chickens, afraid of a little toy.


That thing couldn't hurt a fly.


I'm out!

  1. LMAO again outloud. My secretary is pretty sure I’ve lost my mind!!! YOU AIN’T RIGHT!!!

  2. Tell your secretary I said YOU ain’t right!

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