Honey Doos…Done

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Jan 18th

I’ve been pestering Jim to do two chicken-related projects for a few months.  My pal Lynnessa whom you met in Chickmommy’s 30th Class Reunion, Oct. 2nd, gave me a gift when I was in Mississippi for my reunion.  It’s a Red Man advertising sign.  Since 1904 Red Man has advertised on barns all across the country.  I don’t know if they still do but I’m always happy to see one.  Several friends have suggested that we paint SEE ROCK CITY or Red Man on our little red barn coop.  I don’t know Rock City from Shinola, but I am quite familiar with Red Man chewing tobacco.  My Papa chewed it and he could spit twelve feet and hit any target (perhaps my memory is flawed, I was just a kid when I witnessed this feat).  After hounding him for years to let me try some, he finally relented and let me reach into the pouch for a “chaw”.  I can tell you that was the last tobbacky this kid ever chewed!  Anyway, seeing Red Man on my coop makes me think of the old fella, long gone these 28 years.  I miss him, and I know he’d be pleased that Debbie became a chicken farmer.  (OK, he’d think I’m a little wacky, but my whole family does.)  Jim painted a red border on the shade/wind/rain screen and I think it’s just beautiful.

The other project is small and normally one I don’t need a “man” for; but Jim wouldn’t let me drill a hole in the hardiboard because he thought I’d mess it up.  It only took me a month to get him to do it!  My friend Susna (misspelling on purpose–long story) gave me this cute sign for my birthday.  It matches my house and I think it looks great.

And they're free!

Yes, those are my tacky fake flowers still left over from Christmas.  Well, they look better than a pot full of dirt!

Martha Stewart would NOT approve!

I’ve been fixing up my back yard as best I can for the dead of winter.  I planted a little garden of greens for chicken and human consumption.  I want the place to look spiffy for the board when they visit the ladies on Friday. They’ve been invited to the B’game farm to see our chicken operation.  I plan to have grapes at the ready and the girls have been practicing their jumps!  I have requested that they not poop in the high traffic areas of the yard as well, but they probably will not comply.  A chicken’s gotta do what a chicken’s gotta doo…doo.

  1. Jim did a great job. I love the Fresh Eggs sign. I just know that the chicks will win over the HOA board members.

  2. Thank you Lynnessa, my buddy. Please thank Gerald for his service and tell him to come home safe and sound. Hang tough girl.

  3. WHAT???? Everybody has “seen” ROCK CITY!!!! Charles has a “See Rock City” sign on his Garagemahal AND a See Rock City bird house!!! Get with the program!!

  4. OK, obviously I am behind the curve! GARAGEMAHAL!!!! Love it!

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