Cross All Your Fingers and Feathers

In Backyard chickens, changing urban chicken laws, Chicken husbandry, urban chickens on January 20, 2012 at 1:50 pm

Jan. 20th

At 2:00 today we have a meeting with our property manager and a board member to determine if we can have a vote to change the ordinance which prohibits “poultry”.  We prefer to call them “pets”.  We have many well-wishers and wonderful neighbors who requested that they be allowed to come to the meeting with us to voice their support.  We asked, but it seems that there will just be four in the room.  Jim is prepared with his statistics, moving presentation and generally cute and charming self to wow the board member and persuade him that urban chickens are DA BOMB!  (OK, Jim would never say “da bomb”.)  He even wore a tie today, and if you know Jim, this is HUGE!  He has to take 1/2 day of leave to get back here for the meeting, but hey, we can start our weekend early–hopefully with a glass of champagne to celebrate our victory.  I got up early and cleaned the coop, raked the yard of all visible signs of chickens (poop) and I told the girls they have to be on their best behavior this afternoon when we bring the nice man down to meet them.

I'll be good.

We have invited him to see our set-up and we do hope he takes us up on our invite.  I’ll have grapes at the ready and the ladies will entertain him with their athletic jumping and hilarious chicken antics.  All we hope to gain from this meeting is the chance to put the ordinance to a vote.  We feel confident that if given an opportunity the assembly members will vote to change the rule and pave the way for more backyard chickens in our beautiful neighborhood.  There is a chance, (however small) that they will NOT change the rule, and we are prepared for that too.  We have a lovely home nearby where the girls can live a great chicken life and we can come visit from time to time.  As soon as the meeting is over and I have some news, I will relay it here.  Thanks again to everyone who has shown so much chicken love!  POWER TO THE POULTRY!

  1. Here is hoping the Pike Road Peckers prevail. Seriously I want to meet them.

  2. Daisy thinks you’re just a myth.

  3. Pulling for the Pike Road Peckers and standing on my chicken feathers waiting to hear the results!!!

  4. Long live the Pike Road Peckers! I just know your girls have their talons crossed and are practicing their curtsy for your important guests.

  5. Daisy has been primping all morning!

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