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Jan. 28th, 2012

Word has gotten around that the Chickens’ days are numbered, so many neighbors have “flocked” to our back yard to say their final farewell.  Many of these are first-timers!  Morgan & Miss Kitty brought their grandson Difley.

He was fortunate to find a Daisy egg in the nest box!

This morning we had three lovely ladies and a handsome young gentleman visit our girls.



Aubrey & Ever

Good pals and chicken champions extraordinaire, Ron & Renay dropped in for a final visit.

Daisy is almost too much for little Renay!

And from up the hill, Donna and Jeff stopped in.

Finally, our neighbor Tommy visited our girls for the first time and picked a Violet from my yard.

My Aunt Carol remarked that I’m “savoring every last moment” I have with my pets and she’s right.  This morning we even “savored” our last three-egg omelette.

I cooked one from each girl and served it with some cheese grits.  (I did share with Jim!)

They leave their home of nine months Monday afternoon.  Tomorrow night will be the final evening we have “chicken time”.  I invite my chicken posse to drop by around 5:00 Sunday night for a glass of wine, and to watch the ladies ascend the stairs for the last time in the B’game back yard.  I shall endeavor to maintain my composure, but I ain’t makin’ any promises.

  1. Thanks for allowing us to visit your chicks/babies. Ever enjoyed meeting them.

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