Wine and Chicken With Our “Peeps”

In Chicken husbandry on January 30, 2012 at 6:26 pm

Jan. 30th, 21012

Some of my chicken posse gathered in the backyard for the last night of “Chicken Time”.  I can’t thank these lovely people enough for all their encouragement and support.  I love you guys!

Mike brought grapes! He's their favorite.

Dennis & Tama, my excellent friends and chicken sitters.

Mike, Hannah & Cuppie

Hannah & Sue

Jill and Susan, trying to look cool. Keep tryin' ladies!

Skeeter & Hudson

Right before Violet spilled wine all over Jill's pants...

...and right after!

The handsome Norris family--Will, Michelle, Catherine & Nathan

Ron, Renay and their new baby "Lexie"

More people trying hard to look cool--Allen, Mark & Cindy

Kim and her Krew

It was a great evening and I only cried a tiny bit.

Goodnight girls. You will be missed.

  1. it was great and sad all at the same time. thanks for sharing! you are an awesome chickmommy 🙂

  2. So where will their new home be and can I meet them when I come visit?

  3. I’m crying just reading it!!!

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