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I Clucked Too Soon

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Jan. 12

Although I had resigned myself to putting the chickendiary on hiatus until spring break, events have unfolded that makes today’s entry imperative.  We received a certified letter in the mail yesterday stating that we have 15 days to find new homes for our chickens or my neighborhood will “enforce all rights and remedies allowed for compliance.”  I have asked the management for a meeting so that Jim and I can present our case and try to persuade the board to change the covenant which does not allow “livestock or poultry of any kind” in the neighborhood. 

WANTED: Daisy Chicken: For crimes against ordinance #11

We have compelling points which might cause a change of the rules.  Further, we have raised the chickens since April and have had only one complaint from a neighbor who was concerned about the noise of a rooster and attracting predators.  If others are unhappy with our chickens, they have not come to us to let us resolve whatever problems they have.  We have also welcomed the management to inspect our chickens, our coop, and our back yard and ask any questions they might have concerning our unusual pets. To our knowledge, none of the board members have come for a look.  I am hoping that after we speak to the board, the neighborhood might be able to take a vote to change this rule regarding chickens.  In light of the urban chicken craze sweeping many major cities in the country and in our own state, they might agree that the rule is out of date. 

Power to the POULTRY!!!

 We love our neighborhood and so do our chickens.  I have two viable homes for them should we be forced to give them up.  My dad will take them, or my good friend GT said they could have a home with his brood in the country. 

Will Mr GT feed me grapes?

I do hope it doesn’t come to that.  Wish us luck!  I shall keep you posted.

2012 The Year of the Chicken

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Jan. 2nd

According to the Mayan calendar, Nostradamus, and a few other modern-day whack-jobs, the world will end in December of this year.  According to Violet, Daisy & Rosie, 2012 will instead be the YEAR OF THE CHICKEN.  We were fortunate to host some of Jim’s family over the new year, and the experience of hanging out with kin brings home the importance of making and maintaining some worthwhile traditions.  You met Uncle Dave, Jim’s older brother before,  (Hot Guys with Chicks, July 10th) and this time he brought his son, along for a visit.  The Burlingame family humans and animals came up with a pretty good list of resolutions to begin this shiny New Year…

# 1  Make new friends.

The girls enjoy a treat from a young chicken fan.

Buster meets Miss Jordan, a neighbor's cousin.

Joel gets acquainted with his feathered cousin.

# 2 Make an effort to visit with family more

It's been eight years since these two have seen each other.


The Burlingame boys and some of their toys

# 3 Try to be an example to others

Follow me girls, I won't steer you wrong!

# 4 If you’re going to do something, do it the best you can.

If you're gonna be a chicken, be the best chicken in all of chickendom!

Hope this year is a great one!  Happy 2012 from the CHICKENDIARY!

Most Thankful Today

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Nov. 23rd

I am most thankful to have my parents here for Thanksgiving Day. 

Alabama Gothic

You’ve met them before: (Farmer Bill, Oct. 10th & Chickmommy’s MOMMY!, Aug. 12th).  My dad has never met the girls although he’s seen pictures. 

Dad enjoying some excellent reading material.

Daddy has about 20 Rhode Island Reds, but he lives in a rural environment and doesn’t actually do urban chicken farming.  He has a barn and lots of land so his operation is more traditional.  I was excited to see his reaction to my little “City Chicks” and their fancy little chicken condo.  He thought my chicken operation was pretty cool and he thought the girls looked healthy and beautiful.

Daisy practices her strut for the Macy's parade!

Today, I am thankful for my family, feathered and non-feathered.  The girls are thankful that turkey is on the menu. 

No need to run ladies!

Happy Thanksgiving to all from the Chickendiary family.
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