Coop de Ville

In Chicken husbandry on June 2, 2011 at 7:48 pm

June 2nd

We’re wondering if we should paint something on the side of the coop or on the tin roof like barns from the olden days.  I’ve seen ads for Chew Red Man, See Rock City and my uncle even painted Fly Navy on his.  Our pal Dennis coined Fort Clucker.  So far that’s my favorite.  I’d love some suggestions! Bring ‘em on. We’ve had lots of interest in our little chicken mansion.  People can’t believe that Jim built it with his own two hairy hands (not the palms).  He’s not sure if this is a compliment or if he should be insulted.  He did use a book we ordered from a website but he modified it quite a bit.  Here is the website if anyone would like to create their own backyard chicken dwelling.  No, I don’t know this guy and I’m not getting any kickbacks from mentioning his site.  Jim and I spent a LOT of time on the internet looking for an efficient, good-looking design and this was the best we found for our needs.  We wanted it to be a great place for the chickens to live, but we also wanted it to be cute. 

You see, our neighborhood actually does not allow “poultry”.  When I hear the word “poultry”, I think of dinner.  Surely they don’t mean Violet, Rosie & Daisy, right?  Most of my neighbors know about my chickens and we’re certainly not making a secret of them or I wouldn’t be writing the chickendiary.  Plus, it would be hard to hide them in our back yard.  So far everyone has been excited and interested in them and our little project, and at the very least, they are uncomplaining.  My evil plan was to get the project started and by the time my neighbors (and the powers that be) saw the finished product they would be charmed and delighted.  In actuality, if you read the ordinance at a 45 degree angle under a 75 watt bulb the day before a full moon, you can interpret it in a way that lets us off the hook.  Our chickens are PETS.  The eggs they will produce in four months well be enjoyed and appreciated, but these girls are not being raised for food or commercial purposes.  Our ordinance prevents Fred and Thelma Tigglebottom from erecting a giant, smelly, loud chicken coop and raising 50 chickens.  Fred and Thelma would probably have a clothesline too (a real no-no in our neighborhood, although I’d really love to have a clothesline—I’d better not push my luck).  People can have a nice doghouse in their back yard, and some dogs are much more of a nuisance than my chicks. 

Daisy will never poop in your yard or chirp so loud that you can’t have a decent conversation on your porch in the evening.  You’ll never be afraid of little Rosie running loose and taking a bite out of your leg while you’re out on your morning walk.  (Don’t let her anywhere NEAR your earrings though!) Plus, I think our coop is cuter than any dog house I’ve ever seen. So I’ve said my piece.  Am I in violation of the letter of law? Yes.  The spirit–in my opinion, no.  Homewood (a suburb of Birmingham) allows for five chickens per household in a neighborhood setting.  I think this is a great idea.  Who wouldn’t want food and entertainment from sweet, pretty, happy birds?  I won’t get all preachy about the lives of the chickens who lay the eggs we buy at the Piggly Wiggly. But I look forward to the day when I can get my breakfast from my friends in the backyard.

  1. Has Daisy been given a clean bill of health?

  2. Yep! the only thing I have to do is take her to get her stitches out the first of next week. She’s even getting a little fat! Since she’s been hurt she walks differently. Remember the John Cleese skit from Monty Python–The Ministry of Silly Walks? That’s how my girl walks now. Weird but very entertaining.

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